Degrassi: Next Class Season 1 and 2

This page contains a compilation of information about Seasons 1 and 2 of Degrassi: Next Class.

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6/23 – Degrassi: Next Class’ Stefan Brogren & Eleanore Lindo Nominated For Directors Guild of Canada Awards
6/23 – Degrassi TV: #NoFilter
6/22 – Degrassi: Next Class Season 2 Premieres July 19 On Family Channel In Canada
6/15 – Degrassi Co-Creator Linda Schuyler Awarded Doctor of Laws, honoris causa at University of Toronto
6/13 – Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 2 Now Available On Youtube
6/10 – Tweet To Win A Degrassi/Netflix Prize Pack (Canada Only)
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2/3 – Dissecting The Digital Universe In Degrassi: Next Class
2/1 – Degrassi Showrunner Sarah Glinksi Hints At Next Class Season 2


NETFLIX: All 10 are streaming now on Netflix worldwide!

CANADA: All 10 episodes are available for Family Channel subscribers in the Family Channel app. Family is also airing episodes every Tuesday at 9:45pm ET. The current schedule:
9/20 – #OMFG (season finale)



(CURRENT SEASON) Next Class Season 2: Episode Titles, Promos & Reviews

201 – #SquadGoals (Review)
After a rival school pranks the Degrassi volleyball team, Frankie retaliates and is called out for being a racist. When Hunter purposely crashes his car, Miles realises that Hunter needs help. Maya’s feelings for Zig threaten her co-op placement opportunity.

202 – #TurnItUp (Review)
Hunter’s admitted into a psychiatric ward, & realises that if he ever wants to recover, and see Yael again, he must accept professional help. After learning more about racism, Shay considers if she can defend Frankie’s stunt. Angry, Zig blames Maya for everything that happened between them. 

203 – #CheckYourPrivilege (Review)
Frankie organises a diversity mixer to fix things with the Northern Tech team and hold onto her position. Tristan, worried about pressuring Miles and straining their relationship, takes over their robot baby assignment. Yael’s app goes viral, & she has to choose between her integrity & her success.

204 – #BuyMePizza (Review)
When Zoe doesn’t receive a callback, she worries that it’s because of her homosexual feelings & comes up with a way to hide her true self. When Grace is made fun of her appearance she decides to take on a new look. When Tiny asks Lola to delete her dating profile, she makes a very bold decision.

205 – #ThrowbackThursday (Review)
Lola stages a protest for Tiny’s unfair suspension and garners attention during the Degrassi Alumni event. Tristan sets out to alleviate tension in the air by censoring all gala night sketches.

206 – #ToMyFutureSelf (Review)
Shay is given the opportunity of a lifetime, but must apologize for the protest & compromise her values in order to get it. When Grace begins spending more time with Zig, Maya decides to pursue a friendship with Peter.

207 – #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen (Review)
Frankie tries to escape from her problems by driving off with Jonah, but soon realises that running away isn’t always a solution. A suffering Tiny takes Shay’s advice over Lola’s.

208 – #RiseAndGrind (Review)
When Maya asks Vijay to take down his cover of her song, he responds online, and his fans blow up at her. When a dancing opportunity presents itself to Zig, he’s eager to prove himself and turns to Esme for help.

209 – #TheseAreMyConfessions (Review)
Grace confesses to having feelings for Zig during a party in the woods. To win Volleyball City Finals, Shay realises that they need Frankie, but wonders if she can forgive her.

210 – #OMFG (Review)
Lola shuts down Shay’s request to date Tiny, which leads Shay to act out during their championship game. Zoe’s burning intensifies & as Winston begins to second-guess their relationship, she finally gives in to her true self.

Next Class Season 1: Episode Titles, Promos & Reviews

101 – #BootyCall (Promos | Review)
Maya searches for a lead guitarist; Shay experiments with enhancing her assets to impress her crush; Zoe attempts to put her “more than friends” feelings for Grace aside; and things get personal for Tristan when he runs for class president against ex-boyfriend, Miles.

102 – #NoFilter (Promos | Review)
Zoe learns that Grace has a serious illness; Miles gets in trouble for venting about his mother’s new man; and Frankie confides in a boy she meets online.

103 – #YesMeansYes (Promos | Review)
Zig takes action to save his relationship; Hunter pitches a Gamer Club to student council; and Miles and his mysterious new friend Esme set out to prove that his dad hasn’t changed.

104 – #NotOkay (Promos | Review)
Maya experiences sexist micro-agressions at a gig and decides to fight back; Tristan pursues a new romance with a grade ten student who idolizes him; and Shay realizes she needs to introduce Tiny to her to her parents when he invites her to a movie.

105 – #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness (Promos | Review)
Maya becomes a feminist while protesting against unequal bathroom rights; Miles turns to anti-anxiety meds when forced to spend time with his dad; and Lola discovers that her friends masturbate and decides to test it out herself.

106 – #NotAllMen (Promos | Review)
Zoe worries that no one will accept her for being gay, so she turns to one person she feels will understand, her father. Hunter fights back after his gaming club is shut down for misogynistic content.

107 – #ThisCouldBeUsButYouPlayin (Promos | Review)
When Grace realizes she isn’t gay, Zoe retaliates by sleeping with her crush, Zig. Miles wakes up in a park and he realizes he needs help. Maya wonders if she’s messed up her one big chance after being turned down by a music producer.

108 – #TeamFollowBack (Promos | Review)
When Maya gets trolled online for her feminist stance, she fears for her safety. Zoe Internet diagnoses Tristan with chlamydia, forcing him to confront the boys he’s hooked up with. Frankie’s friends try to convince her to be with Winston.

109 – #SinceWeBeinHonest (Promos | Review)
Zig discovers who’s responsible for Maya’s trolling, but gets blackmailed into staying silent. Miles helps Esme and then falls back into a downwards spiral. Frankie’s scared off by Jonah’s behaviour, so she goes to the Snowball with Winston.

110 – #SorryNotSorry (Promos | Review)
When Hunter refuses to apologize for his behaviour, he loses his friends’ support and lashes out at the Snowball. Maya contemplates whether or not she can take back Zig. Frankie breaks up with Winston after realizing that her heart is with Jonah.