201/202 – When Doves Cry 1 & 2:  A
Craig Manning bursts onto the scene with a chilling and emotional storyline/performance.

203 – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun:  B (Emma/Manny/Craig) | B+ (Jimmy/Spinner)
A fun, yet relatable tale of when friendship and heartbreak intertwine.  Jimmy and Spinner provide entertaining comic relief as they go head to head.

204 – Karma Chameleon:  B
A suitable followp to Jagged Little Pill.

205 – Weird Science:  B+
Great development between Emma and Snake.  Hilarious subplot.

206 – Drive:  B+
A boring, but super nostalgic plot about teenagers left home alone.

207/208 – Shout 1 & 2:  C+
Part Two is miles better than Part One.

209 – Mirror in the Bathroom: A+ (Toby) | A (Terri)
Toby’s quest for popularity is one of the most underrated storylines of the series.  Terri tackles her fear of rejection in a classic way.

210 – Take My Breath Away:  A-
A well-done episode viewed from multiple angles.  The Ellie/Marco subplot is equally as engaging.

211 – Don’t Believe the Hype: B (Hazel) | B (JT)
A strong theme eventually fights its way through a flawed story and shaky acting.  JT’s plot mimics the theme of Hazel’s, but in a less-serious manner.

212/213 – White Wedding 1 & 2:  D
An unappealing, unengaging episode.

214 – Careless Whisper:  B
A test of one of Degrassi’s most stable friendships.

215 – Hot for Teacher: B-
JT makes this OK main plot better than what it is.

216 – Message in a Bottle: C+
A random entry in the journal of Sean.

217 – Relax: D+
SBT (Liberty) shows she isn’t ready to carry a storyline yet.

218 – Dressed in Black: B+
Great development for Ashley and Jimmy separately, since they let end up letting each other go at the end.

219 – Fight for Your Right:  D
An excuse to spend 22 minutes listening to Emma blab on—-err, I mean protest.

220 – How Soon Is Now?  B
Solid followup to Paige’s rape.  The impact is greater when this episode is NOT aired directly after Shout.

221/222 – Tears Are Not Enough 1 & 2:  A
Degrassi’s best Season Finale, and a brilliant end to Craig’s abuse storyline.

9 thoughts

  1. It’s funny when they did that (aired Shout right before How Soon Is Now) because that would mean that Soccer- A spring/fall sport- would be around the same time as a Basketball tournament-a winter sport- plus the fact that they say it had been 6 months since that night, also it’s weird they had basketball at the end of the year. (I’m reading way to far into this)


  2. “how soon is now?” is by far my favorite episode of the entire series. I agree with the grade for “mirror in the bathroom”. I can always watch that one and not get bored with it.


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