Degrassi Snapchat Takeover: Ehren Kassam

Degrassi’s brooding heartthrob/musician Ehren Kassam takes over the official Degrassi Snapchat for the day!


Degrassi Corner: Sadie’s Last Days On Earth, Munro In “Second Jen”

This episode of Degrassi Corner looks at a couple of Degrassian projects you need to check out: “Sadie’s Last Days On Earth” and “Second Jen.”


Degrassi Webisode: All Inclusive, Part 5 – Teasing

In this final episode of Degrassi’s web series about bullying, Baaz finds himself the target of teasing.


Degrassi Snapchat Takeover: Soma Bhatia

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Degrassi Corner: Teenagers Season 3, “Degrassiland” Live Podcast

A series starring former Degrassians returns this week, and the creators of Degrassi are appearing at a live event this weekend.


Degrassi Webisode: All Inclusive, Part 4 – Sexting

What should you do if you feel pressured to send sexy messages? Degrassi tackles that in their latest webisode.


Degrassi Corner: Why Don’t Teen Moms Raise Their Kids on Degrassi?

People often wonder why pregnancies on Degrassi result in the teen moms not keeping the baby…I break down why doing a “keep the baby” arc is easier said than done.