I’ve been writing reviews here at DegrassiBlog for what feels like an eternity. However, this new incarnation of Degrassi has pretty much forced my hand as to how I should be covering this show. Degrassi jumping into the binge era means immediacy, and it takes quite a while to churn out written reviews if we’re looking at episodes individually (and I don’t feel like just writing up a generic

Over the past several months I’ve focused a lot more on video over at Degrassi Corner on Youtube, and I felt like season 4 was the perfect time make the jump to exclusively doing video reviews.

Below is my review playlist as well as links to individual reviews for all 10 episodes of Next Class Season 4.


401 – #BackToReality: https://youtu.be/ZVyRUQgv70A

In the premiere episode of Degrassi: Next Class Season 4, Grace finds herself wondering why Jonah doesn’t want to go public with their relationship. Also, Esme is jealous of the attention Zig is giving Maya, and Yael feels uncomfortable with her body.


402 – #GetMoney: https://youtu.be/jsG9G5IFQAE

Frankie is far from over her breakup with Jonah. Plus, both Shay and Saad are in need of money and apply for the job opening at Lola’s Cantina.


403 – #ILookLikeA: https://youtu.be/g28xsZkNu5A

Is Goldi flirting with Winston? She doesn’t thinks so, but everything thinks otherwise. Miles struggles with his identity when a great opportunity arises, and Hunter notices that Yael is changing.


404 – #RollUpToTheClubLike: https://youtu.be/IkIWDV2KwRY

Grace decides to come up with a bucket list, and she learns something shocking about Jonah. After a terrorist attack in Brussels, Goldi becomes the victim of Islamophobia. Maya’s asked to create a song, but she’s having trouble finding her creativity.


405 – #Preach: https://youtu.be/6VNBfH9kygE

Saad’s opinion on the terrorist attack in Belgium doesn’t sit well with the students at Degrassi. Also, Frankie spending time with Esme and Zig leads to rumors being spread about them, and Zoe’s afraid that Rasha might’ve regained feelings for her ex.


406 – #FactsOnly: https://youtu.be/38R2Kx2W2s8

Everyone notices that Yael seems different, prompting Yael to truly examine her identity. Maya performs publicly for the first time since her incident, and Zig chooses to live life in the now instead of worry about his future.


407 – #Fire: https://youtu.be/-41ePsMm_Is

The seniors take a camping trip, but others decide to tag along…worried that Zig is going to dump her for Maya, so Esme’s willing to go to extreme measures to keep him. Maya’s tries to music to impress Craig Manning, but she keeps drawing a blank. Also, Shay doesn’t know if she’s ready for sex with Tiny.


408 – #GetYouAManWhoCanDoBoth: https://youtu.be/d0kP-D07Rvk

When Miles surprises him with a future trip to Europe, Tristan tests the limits of her recovery. Shay’s frustrated when she feels like everyone but her is receiving a promposal. Saad reveals to Lola that he’s been talking to a Muslim radical online.


409 – #Obsessed: https://youtu.be/U4qUUZ7KMWU

Zig and Maya go to prom together, but Esme will get Zig back by any means necessary. Hunter finds himself on the outside of his friendship circle as he’s still uncomfortable with Yael’s identity. Miles has been accepted to the creative writing program in London, but will his dad approve of him following his dreams?


410 – #KThxBye: https://youtu.be/emnpMtirocE

In this final episode of Season 4 we find out Saad’s fate after having been questioned by the police. Also, a desperate Esme pulls one last attempt to win Zig back. And finally, we say goodbye to yet another generation of Degrassi characters.

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