Degrassi: Next Class Season 3 Reviews

301 – #BreakTheInternet (Written Review | Video Review)
Degrassi is giving a warm welcome to an influx of Syrian refugees and a spiteful Lola posts a controversial photo.


302 – #IWokeUpLikeThis (Review | Video Review)
The Gamers are determined to make their vlog a success. Maya discovers an interest in ‘tragedy porn’. Esme tests Zig’s limits on how far is too far to go at school.

303 – #WorstGiftEver (Review | Video Review)
Jonah and Grace pitch the Student Council on a play about the Degrassi bus accident. Goldi has questions about what it really means to be Muslim.

304 – #PicsOrItDidntHappen (Review | Video Review)
Maya meets Saad, who shares a mutual interest in the dark side. Frankie feels that Jonah is hiding something.


305 – #HugeIfTrue (Review | Video Review)
Shay, Lola and Frankie cozy up for girl’s night until it becomes…less cozy. Is Frankie ready for more intimacy and will Shay’s insecurities put her own relationship in jeopardy?

306 – #ThatFeelingWhen (Review | Video Review)
Frankie is driving herself crazy over Jonah. Miles and Lola work on the play, together experiencing an emotional roller coaster. Zoe and Rasha are also taking a kind of thrill ride.

307 – #Unsubscribe (Review | Video Review)
Zoe and Rasha are determined to make it work, even if it means keeping secrets. Grace is faced with a life and death decision and needs a friend.

308 – #IRegretNothing (Review | Video Review)
Lola’s friends are not there for her. If Tristan makes it to the play, will Miles’ indiscretions be revealed? Maya’s obsession with death is getting out of control.

309 – #Woke (Review | Video Review)
Maya can’t deal with her depression. Frankie and Jonah are trying to figure things out. It’s Ms. Rivas’ wedding and Zoe violates her mother’s wishes and brings Rasha anyway.

310 – #ImSleep (Review | Video Review)
Everyone loves it but Tristan clearly senses the truth. Maya appears to be happier… but appearances can be deceiving. Opening night and the play receives rave reviews.