Over the years we’ve watched HUNDREDS of Degrassi promos. What is the best promo campaign that the broadcasters have ever produced for our beloved show? I share with you my favorite campaign in the video below! Also, subscribe to Degrassi Corner as I’ll be making even more videos during this long hiatus.

Posted by Kary


  1. Um hi Kary by the way this is Alice altshuler I just wanted to tell u that I am a big fan of your site Degrassi blog I love Degrassi I was wondering if I could work with u on blog if u want me to I am just asking ok Alice

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  2. To me, the season 10 Shark in the Water promo has got to be the best. I remember watching other shows on TeenNick before I watched Degrassi and that promo made me really interested to start watching. The song evokes the perfect mood for the Boiling Point episode and who doesn’t love the carnival costumes? I especially love Holly J as the ring leader, haha.



  3. The character ones are solid, but the full one is a little messy. I don’t know if I can say these are the best. It’s hard for anything to beat Shark in the Water, and my personal favorite is the Real Students of Degrassi, which was silly and had nothing to do with the plot, but was solid gold. I’m trying to remember some of the other dramatic ones, I think it was season five had a solid campaign. I remember they had really great promo photos.



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