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VIDEO: Favorite Degrassi Promo Campaign

We take a look at the most-intense Degrassi promo campaign the broadcasters have ever produced for the show…

Celebrate “Pi Day” With These Degrassi Episodes

Here’s a look back at a few Degrassi episodes with plots involving math.

Favorite Degrassi Episodes By Season

I list my favorite Degrassi episode from each season from TNG Season 1 through Next Class Season 3.

Major Details On The Degrassi: Next Class Season 3 Abortion Storyline

[THIS POST CONTAIN MAJOR SPOILERS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!] Degrassi: Next Class’ press campaign is officially under way, and they’re charging head first into controversy by revealing big details on Season 3’s abortion storyline. […]

VIDEO: Degrassi’s Top 6 Holiday Moments

What is your favorite holiday moment on Degrassi? See if it made the list!

Degrassi Corner: Why Don’t Teen Moms Raise Their Kids on Degrassi?

People often wonder why pregnancies on Degrassi result in the teen moms not keeping the baby…I break down why doing a “keep the baby” arc is easier said than done.

Degrassi Vlogs: Andre’s Top 3 Adventures

The Degrassi cast is no stranger to traveling…from mission trips to solo adventures, they enjoy traveling the world. Just recently Ricardo recapped one of his trips: View this post on Instagram Where in the world […]

Degrassi: The Next Generation’s Underrated Episodes, Birthday Edition

Today is my birthday. I might be turning the ripe, young age of 33, but in Degrassiland I’m only a few fist shakes on my front porch away from being shipped off to that nursing […]

VIDEO: Degrassi Recreates Marco’s Iconic Coming Out Scene

It’s one of the most-memorable moments of Degrassi: The Next Generation. In the season 3 episode Pride, Part 1 ended with an emotionally-charged cliffhanger as Marco finally came out to Spinner. That was in 2003. […]

Degrassi’s Reunion Show Is Trending As The New Season Hits Netflix July 22

This morning I woke up to Degrassi trending on Facebook. You know something in Degrassiland is big when that happens. The last time Degrassi was trending┬áthat high on Facebook was when the show was briefly […]