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Dante Wednesday: The Whisper Challenge

We’re halfway through the week, so there’s a good chance you need a break…well that’s why Dante’s here with a new video!! Subscribe to Dante’s Youtube channel to get new videos every Wednesday. This week’s […]


Dante Wednesday: Ultimate Facebook Foods #1

Never have been more emotionally vested in a vlog. A lot of us have done our fair share of trying to recreate those amazing dishes we see in the Tasty videos. I’ve succeeded (burrito bowls […]


AJ Saudin Releases New Song “The Road”

In 2016 Saudin released Sunset, leaving us wondering when he was gonna drop new music…well now it’s here. Check out his new track, produced by Jaegen. – If you’ve followed Saudin on Twitter for any […]


Dante Wednesday: I Attempt Speed Dating?!

Most of us are going to be sad and lonely on Valentine’s Day…in honor of forever single people worldwide, Dante has blessed us with a video in which he attempts speed dating. Which one of […]


Soma Bhatia Hosting Album Artwork Contest For First Single

So we know Soma’s been working hard on her first single… Was in the studio all day… And we're inching closer to the finished product 🙀 #firstsingle A post shared by SOMA BHATIA (@somabhatia) on Oct […]


Dante Wednesday: Why I “Strongly Dislike” High School!

Are we all in agreement that high school pretty much sucks? In his latest, Dante gets into a pretty serious discussion about why he hates school. What he was saying reminded me of how I […]


Eleanor Shore Performing At The Silver Dollar On February 3rd

Ehren and Eric’s band Eleanor Shore will be performing at The Silver Dollar Room on Friday, February 3! Ehren, Eric, Sean and Connor wil be the opening act for Montreal band Fleece, who’s releasing their […]


Degrassi Vlog: Chelsea And Sara Play The Newlywed Game

In the latest Degrassi vlog, Sara and Chelsea have a little fun to see how well they know each other. The bigger question is….which cast member would Sara marry? Guess we’ll have to wait until […]


Morpheus Richards Releases Single “Speak,” Performing At SM Music Fest March 17

First off, did you know that Richard has changed his Twitter handle? He’s now @Morph_Richards! From Degrassi to music pretty busy in 2016, and now this year he’s got a lot of things coming in […]


Dante Wednesdays: The Art Of Breaking Glass With Sara Waisglass

If you haven’t check out Sara’s book yet, you should! Ms. Waisglass joined Dante in his latest video to talk about The Art Of Breaking Glass. Subscribe to Dante’s channel…he releases a new video every […]