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Degrassi Happenings 10/16/15

All is quiet on the set of Degrassi, but it’s a busy few days for several cast members who will be out and about.  Here’s a look at where you can see/meet them over the weekend: ********** TONIGHT […]


Degrassi’s Straight Talk With Adamo: Shane Kippel

– Shane Kippel and Adamo kick it! Here they talk Spinner and Emma, Wheelchair Jimmy and favourite off screen moments! – –


Degrassi Readthrough 9/9/13

The Degrassi cast returned from its brief hiatus to take part in one of the final readthrough sessions of Season 13.  There are a couple of new faces at the table (between Demetrius and Lyle).  […]


Degrassi Promo 6/4/13: The Time of My Life (TeenNick 30-sec Version)

Last Friday, TeenNick uploaded a 60-second promo for The Time of My Life, which will air on Friday, June 21st at 9pm ET.  While we’re still waiting for MuchMusic to acknowledge that Degrassi even exists, […]


New Hair For Clare Edwards in Degrassi Season 13

It looks like Clare will be sporting a new hairdo in season 13, with pics of Aislinn’s new hairstyle being posted today: – I believe the last time Clare had a drastic hairstyle change was season 10 (short […]


Degrassi Season 13 Update 4/18/13

So far, Epitome has kept any and all season 13 information on lockdown, with Stephen Stohn not even posting pics of the readthroughs (which have been going on for a couple of weeks now).  The […]