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Degrassi Creators Release Statement On Muslim Ban

We’ve reached a point in Degrassi’s history where it’s gone beyond just being a relatable teen drama, or a show that’s just ripping stories from the headlines. Last year, Degrassi’s team sat down to create […]

Degrassi Happenings 10/16/15

All is quiet on the set of Degrassi, but it’s a busy few days for several cast members who will be out and about.  Here’s a look at where you can see/meet them over the weekend: ********** TONIGHT […]

Degrassi’s Straight Talk With Adamo: Shane Kippel

– Shane Kippel and Adamo kick it! Here they talk Spinner and Emma, Wheelchair Jimmy and favourite off screen moments! – –

Degrassi Readthrough 9/9/13

The Degrassi cast returned from its brief hiatus to take part in one of the final readthrough sessions of Season 13.  There are a couple of new faces at the table (between Demetrius and Lyle).  […]

Degrassi Promo 6/4/13: The Time of My Life (TeenNick 30-sec Version)

Last Friday, TeenNick uploaded a 60-second promo for The Time of My Life, which will air on Friday, June 21st at 9pm ET.  While we’re still waiting for MuchMusic to acknowledge that Degrassi even exists, […]

New Hair For Clare Edwards in Degrassi Season 13

It looks like Clare will be sporting a new hairdo in season 13, with pics of Aislinn’s new hairstyle being posted today: – I believe the last time Clare had a drastic hairstyle change was season 10 (short […]

Degrassi Season 13 Update 4/18/13

So far, Epitome has kept any and all season 13 information on lockdown, with Stephen Stohn not even posting pics of the readthroughs (which have been going on for a couple of weeks now).  The […]

Degrassi News 1/23/13: Degrassi Meets With Network Execs; Degrassi DVDs On Sale

– As fans still wait for 12C, the Epitome is already working hard on preparing for Season 13, meeting with TeenNick and Much today.  Also, the Degrassi Season 11 DVDs are on sale at Amazon. […]

Degrass Nabs 6 Nominations For The Canadian Screen Awards

The newly-created Canadian Screen Awards is hosting its first ever awards ceremony in 2013, and Degrassi is almost guaranteed to walk away with a victory. 5 Degrassi actors were nominated for Best Performance in a Children’s or […]