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Degrassi Season 13 Brainstorming Scheduled For December 3rd

Several weeks ago Stephen Stohn announced that the Degrassi writers would be having a brainstorming session before the end of the year for Season 13 (SIDE NOTE: several media outlets incorrectly reported that Tonight, Tonight was […]

PHOTO GALLERY: Degrassi At The 2012 Primetime Emmy’s

BREAKING NEWS (at 10:25pm EST): Degrassi didn’t win…it lost to Wizards of Waverly Place. :( This is Degrassi’s second consecutive nomination and loss. This is the Wizards series’ third win over the past 4 years. […]

Degrassi HQ Promo Pics: Closer To Free

– 1209: Closer To Free Pt. 1 (7/30, 10pm EST) Jenna bonds with Becky — and Becky’s hot brother, Luke — but will religious differences come between them? Clare obsesses over her journalism mentor, Asher. Drew is offered a […]

Degrassi Episode Preview: Say It Aint So Pt. 1

– Degrassi 1207:  Say It Ain’t So, Part 1 (7/25, 10pm EST) When Alli is offered a scholarship to MIT, her parents are bursting with pride — but is it the right choice? Meanwhile, Jake […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Walking On Broken Glass

PLOT A SUMMARY:  Katie returns to her post as student council president, as the group decides to throw a pep rally for the new hockey team.  Katie says she’s fine, but has a breakdown during […]

Degrassi Nominated For Another Emmy!

The Emmy nominations were announced today, and Degrassi was nominated for its second consecutive Emmy in the “Outstanding Children’s Program” category for Extraordinary Machine Part 2.  This year Degrassi is up against “Good Luck Charlie,” […]

Degrassi Bloggers Visits The Degrassi Set of Degrassi!

Yesterday Degrassi bloggers from all over the universe took a trip to visit the set of Degrassi. I was joined by Alex and Taylor from The Degrassi Experience as well as Erin and Ashley from […]

Degrassi Celebrates 300 Episodes

Congratulations to Epitome Pictures, who is celebrating the filming of Degrassi’s 300th today. 300 episodes! By summer's end, we'll be 2nd only to the Simpsons for most episodes of active shows. We're coming for ya, […]

Degrassi News 5-8-12 (Degrassi Episode Titles: 1217-1220, Degrassi Ep Description Speculation)

Yesterday the Degrassi cast attended another readthrough, this time for the episodes Sabotage (Beastie Boys) and Scream (Michael Jackson).  Here’s an updated list of the Season 12 episodes so far: WEEK 1 Monday July 16th: […]

Degrassi News 3-21-12 (Connor vs Mo pics, Season 12 Telenovela Update)

Whoa, Owen getting up in Mo’s face?!?!?!? This has been a great plot so far, I can’t wait to see part 2.  Here’s more pics courtesy of MuchMusic: ********************** Season 12 Telenovela Update In early […]