Season 6 Grades

601/602 – Here Comes Your Man 1 & 2:  D+
Starts off well, but goes downhill as the Peter/Sean feud escalates.

603 – True Colours:  D
Peter/Emma/Sean overkill.

604 – Can’t Hardly Wait: B (Jimmy) | B (Manny/Darcy)
A solid plot as Jimmy wants to prove he can still be a man even if he is “crippled.”  Manny and Darcy’s contrasting views keep their plot interesting.

605/606 – Eyes Without a Face 1 & 2:  A+
A brilliant episode that propels Darcy into becoming one of the show’s new “IT” girls.

607 – Working for the Weekend:  B-
Watching Spinner kick a robber’s ass makes it worth it.

608 – Crazy Little Thing Called Love:  D+
I’m not against (the old) Semma, I’m against the (new) Semma where Sean puts Emma on an unrealistic pedestal.

609/610 – What It Feels Like To Be a Ghost 1 & 2:  A
Delivers something Degrassi has been lacking:  Craig.

611 – Rock This Town:  B+
If you don’t cry at the end of this episode, you are not human.

612 – The Bitterest Pill:  B-
An efficient, emotional post-JT episode.

613 – If You Leave:  C-
Emma protesting…’nuff said.

614/615 – Free Fallin’ 1 & 2:  C
A plot that could’ve been better if it were only one part.

616 – Love My Way:  C-
Watching Paige date multiple people isn’t as fun as it sounds.

617 – Sunglasses at Night:  C+
A bearable Marco plot boosted by a wonderful Parcy subplot.

618/619 – Don’t You Want Me 1 & 2:  C-


  1. WHAT!!? lol I agree with a lot of Kary’s opinions, but the first three episodes – Here Comes Your Man part 1 and 2. and True Colors- were great episodes, with great actors, as I am an Emma fan. Intense storylines of Sean trying to win Emma back, street racing, Emma’s reactions to Peter and Sean. The ending of True Colors really got me.



    1. i know, emma is one of my top 5 degrassi characters (of all time) and i really love the Peter/Sean/Emma love triangle



  2. Agree^^ with most of these grades. I love Emma, but I thought the love triangle was kind of boring. Darcy and Craig were great this season. Still love Spinner, Jimmy, and Manny. All the episodes after “The Bitterest Pill” were bearable if not just completely boring. Love Degrassi, just don’t care about Palex anymore -_-



  3. Don’t say stripping is below Deanna. I’m a stripper and Alex has been my favorite since I was 13. I’m 25 now



    1. I apologize for saying that. I definitely need to update that page…I posted that years and years ago and I’ve definitely changed my stance on stripping since then.



      1. Well thank you for understanding (: and they portrayed it so unrealistically except the stigma that was so true


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