101/102 – Mother and Child Reunion 1 & 2:  C-
Nostalgia from the original Degrassi franchise carry the weight of this mediocre series premiere.

103 – Family Politics:  C
An OK remake of the Degrassi Junior High series premiere, Kiss Me Steph.

104 – Eye of the Beholder:  B-
A solid storyline about lack of confidence.

105 – Parents’ Day:  B-
One of the few Degrassi storylines where the focus is more on the PARENTS’ actions.

106 – The Mating Game:  C-
Paige’s actions in this episode make absolutely no sense.

107 – Basketball Diaries: C+
A pretty solid episode about what happens when you try TOO hard.

108 – Secrets & Lies:  C+
The main plot feels like it ends abruptly.  This episode is carried mainly by the subplot, where JT pretends to be gay.

109 – Coming of Age: A
Both plots are well-written and performed.

110 – Rumours & Reputation: B-
The main plot (Emma/Liberty) is good, but the subplot (Spinner) is better. BOYCOTT THE CAF!

111 – Friday Night: A+
The best episode of season 1.

112 – Wannabe: B+ (Manny) | C+ (JT/Toby/Liberty/Spinner)
Watching the dynamics of Manny and Emma’s relationship as it slips into turmoil is fascinating.  The comedy relief gang of JT, Toby, Liberty and Spinner deliver a filler plot that just sits there.

113 – Cabaret:  C-
Carried by Ashley’s selfishness, this is the only forgettable musical episode within the early seasons of the show.

114 – Under Pressure:  B+
A great Sean-lead performance, with the future of Semma left unknown.

115 – Jagged Little Pill:  A
Degrassi ends its first season on a high note with the most serious storyline of the series so far.

15 thoughts

    1. Uhhhh I’m not sure what list you’re looking at, but most of the episodes in Season 1 with her I gave pretty positive grades. Heck, “Coming of Age” is one of my Top 10 all-time favorite episodes…”Friday Night” is in the Top 5


    2. Friday Night (w/Emma) is Number 1 of Season One, and considering that she is in almost every single episode of Season One, some of them are bound to have lower grades than the others.


  1. Kary have you ever thought about reviewing degrassi junior high and degrassi high. I would love to know your favorite episodes of those seasons.


    1. I have! The only problem is I assume most fans haven’t watch the show, and want them to be able to watch the episode too on top of just reading a review of it. PBS has put up complete eps from the first 2 seasons on Youtube, but of course a majority of my faves are from seasons 3 – 5


      1. Actually Netflix has all of the degrassi high, degrassi junior high episodes, it’s where I watched them all! It’s really great, I’d love to hear your opinion on them.


  2. I’m slightly disappointed in the grade for Wannabe. Sure, Emma is as annoying as hell, but I really think the episode is more about Manny (in fact, it’s really the only episode in season 1 where she stands out). The way she tells off Paige and stands up for herself is fantastic. Plus I love Cassie Steele’s acting, especially in these early seasons.

    P.S. Just came across this blog a few days ago, and it’s amazing! Degrassi has been my guilty pleasure since early high school, and I’m now 23 (a little too old to watch the show, but shh! I grew up with it, so it’s ok). Thanks for your insights Kary!


  3. I miss the old cast. Just doesn’t seem like the new plots are as good! I ESP miss Jimmy I saw him in concert and he talked about being on degrassi


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