Season 7 Grades

701/702 – Standing in the Dark 1 & 2:  A
Degrassi returns to its “Go There” roots, with Darcy leading the way.

703 – Love is a Battlefield:  C+
All of the potential in Palex has been sucked dry by this point.

704 – It’s Tricky:  C-
Another jump-the-shark move by Degrassi, utilizing Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham’s real-life rap skills.

705/706 – Death or Glory 1 & 2:  A
Loses steam in Part 2, but it’s still one of the season’s top storylines.

707 – We Got the Beat:  B
Don’t really like the idea of Manny/Jay as a couple, but they both display great charisma.

708 – Jessie’s Girl:  C-
Another forgettable Ellie episode.

709 – Hungry Eyes:  C-
An example of how boring Emma’s character is (Post TSS) when something extreme isn’t happening to her.

710 – Pass the Dutchie:  C
A semi-memorable episode about Spin’s need for weed.

711 – Owner of a Lonely Heart:  D-
The character “Marco Del Rossi” is done.

712 – Live to Tell:  A
Darcy knows how to deliever angst…psycho style.

713/714 – Bust a Move 1 & 2:  D+
The kind of roadtrip where you hope the people don’t come back.

715 – Got My Mind Set on You: D- (Danny/Derek) | B (Emma)
Tries and fails to examine a Degrassi friendship that no one cares about. | It delivers a solid look at how Darcy’s sexual assault accusation against Snake is affecting Emma.

716 – Sweet Child o’ Mine:  C-
Mia is more interested in anything and everything except her child.

717 – Talking in Your Sleep:  B
Out of nowhere comes Paige and Griffin with a plot that has tremendous potential.

718 – Another Brick in the Wall: A+ (Snake/Emma) | A (Holly J/Toby)
A gut-wrenching look at Snake’s attempt to regain a normal like.  Toby Isaacs calls the shots, and I love that.

719 – Broken Wings:  C-
Jimmy’s main plot is a little too unique, and seems overly soap opera-ish…even for Degrassi.

720 – Ladies’ Night:  B-
Anya delivers a wonderfully-emotional scene with Holly J.

721 – Everything She Wants:  B-
Finally, Mia gets a lesson in responsibility.

722 – Don’t Stop Believin’:  D+
A filler episode, and a poor end to the Degrassi runs of Paige, Ellie and Marco.

723 – If This Is It:  B-
Spinner has a tough decision to make about his future.

724 – We Built This City:  B-
A little unecessary drama, but it’s the end of Degrassi as we know it.


  1. Hungry Eyes a C-? Emma takes her top off! Even though it’s a protest



    1. Agreed. I’d give it an A+ because of Emma’s bare butt alone.



  2. i was so sad when ellie paige and marco wouldnt be room mates anymore in Don’t Stop Believin’



  3. I strongly disagree with you on 722..i loved it and cried like a baby despite the whole random “hooking up” that episode was perfect



  4. We Built This City is forever my favorite



  5. Got My Mind Set on You deserves an F it is the worst episode and most boring episode of Degrassi ever period.



  6. Im re-watching this season and I realized how much i love Manny and Jay as a couple. I think there perfect for each other.



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