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Behind The Scenes: Olivia and Andre Talk “Dream Miles Plot”

Just another Monday waiting on Degrassi news — Kary (@KaryDegrassi) November 9, 2015 – So true. But until we get some juicy Degrassi news that’ll revive the fandom, Degrassi just posted a behind-the-scenes clip […]

Degrassi News: More Trouble For Clare Edwards In Season 11

I saw this image earlier today, which comes from an article about how Degrassi rented that lime-green van from someone to use for shooting for a couple of weeks. The girl on the right in […]

A Degrassi “Race” Debate: Cristine Prosperi’s Halloween Outfit

So the Degrassi cast decided to enjoy Halloween by having a party, where those who attended of course dressed up.  Annie, Cristine, Jessica and Melinda dressed up as several of the Disney princesses:  Snow White, […]

DegrassiBlog Halloween Mini Marathon

Last week I was annoyed because people were trying to make it sound like Nowhere To Run was a “Halloween Special.”  But in retrospect it really might’ve been one…having to watch Cake drama for an […]

Kary To EClare Fans: Where Is This Hope That You Speak Of?

This is a looooong post, so I figured I can briefly sum it up with a couple of talking points: 1) The focus of Eclare nowadays seems to be targeted toward the stereotypical group of […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Nowhere To Run

As a whole, I’m somewhat split on Nowhere To Run.  There were times where I was truly entertained, laughing at the episode’s ridiculousness…other times I was trying not to put my fist through the screen, […]


Finally….it’s official!! E! Online reports that Nowhere To Run will air on November 18th on TeenNick…basically a month from now. Here’s a link to the article, which has a PROMO in it: Man, I […]

Degrassi Marathon In Early November; Now Or Never To Follow?

Stephen Stohn keeps saying that this Friday (the 21st) is when we’ll find out exactly when TeenNick will air Nowhere To Run (though the TeenNick airdate is irrelevant for those of us who have no […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Love Is A Battlefield

Love Is A Battlefield Season: 7 Episode: 3 The-N Airdate: 10/12/07 CTV Airdate: 5/19/08 PLOT A SUMMARY: Paige has finally gotten back on her feet and found a job in fashion working as an assistant.  […]