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Behind The Scenes: Olivia and Andre Talk “Dream Miles Plot”

Just another Monday waiting on Degrassi news — Kary (@KaryDegrassi) November 9, 2015 – So true. But until we get some juicy Degrassi news that’ll revive the fandom, Degrassi just posted a behind-the-scenes clip […]

Degrassi News: More Trouble For Clare Edwards In Season 11

I saw this image earlier today, which comes from an article about how Degrassi rented that lime-green van from someone to use for shooting for a couple of weeks. The girl on the right in […]

A Degrassi “Race” Debate: Cristine Prosperi’s Halloween Outfit

So the Degrassi cast decided to enjoy Halloween by having a party, where those who attended of course dressed up.  Annie, Cristine, Jessica and Melinda dressed up as several of the Disney princesses:  Snow White, […]

DegrassiBlog Halloween Mini Marathon

Last week I was annoyed because people were trying to make it sound like Nowhere To Run was a “Halloween Special.”  But in retrospect it really might’ve been one…having to watch Cake drama for an […]

Kary To EClare Fans: Where Is This Hope That You Speak Of?

This is a looooong post, so I figured I can briefly sum it up with a couple of talking points: 1) The focus of Eclare nowadays seems to be targeted toward the stereotypical group of […]

Degrassi Episode Review: Nowhere To Run

As a whole, I’m somewhat split on Nowhere To Run.  There were times where I was truly entertained, laughing at the episode’s ridiculousness…other times I was trying not to put my fist through the screen, […]