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Degrassi Promo: Nowhere To Run

Below is the Much Music promo for the Degrassi special Nowhere To Run. Hopefully this works because I’m out of town and posting this from my phone: If that doesn’t work, then here’s the direct […]

“Love Triangle” and “Betrayal” Key Plots In Degrassi Special “Nowhere To Run”

This post will contain very little info, but I also know people are eager to hear anything about this Degrassi special (which Execs/the networks have said little about).  I believe the picture above is the […]

Degrassi Special Headlines MuchMusic’s “Halloween On Much” Week

Not that it’s a real big deal, but for the longest time there’s been rumbling that Nowhere To Run is a “Halloween Special…” then it was said that it’s not…then it was said one of the […]

Degrassi Goes International / Episode 4 Of Degrassi Game Released

C21Media is reporting that Degrassi will now be broadcast in Portugal, Greece, Italy, Scandinavia, UK, Brazil, Germany, Benelux, Australia and New Zealand starting October 23rd.  For some bizarre reason I was excited about this…until I […]

Degrassi Resumes Filming Season 11

The cast of Degrassi (well some of them) is back on set today as the show resumes filming of the rest of Season 11.  Filming has been on hiatus for quite some time as Epitome […]

Degrassi Episode Review: U Got The Look

U Got The Look Season: 3 Episode: 3 The-N Airdate: 10/10/03 CTV Airdate: 10/1/03 PLOT A SUMMARY: Manny has a crush on Sully, but he doesn’t notice her because she’s a “cute” girl instead of […]

Old Episodes, New Reviews

So in my last post I talked about how I was going to start reviewing older episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation…well I figured I’d start doing that tomorrow since we’ve got nothing from now […]

No Degrassi News Is (Not) Good News

Oh hey look at this, it’s a Degrassi news post that has no actual Degrassi news! So sit back and watch as I talk about nothing for the next 5 minutes. Since yesterday lots American […]

Degrassi DVD Review: Season 10 Part 2

This isn’t really much of a “review,” it’s just random thoughts on the boxset and lack of extra content Degrassians receive in general nowadays.  There used to be a time when I was excited to […]

The “It’s Kary’s Birthday, So Give Him Degrassi-Related Presents” Post

– Bow down to me, for it’s my birthday! I’m 28, which means I’m way too old to be watching Degrassi (even though I’ve been watching it for the past seven years). But I’ve already […]