901/902 – Just Can’t Get Enough 1 & 2:  C-
The best part was when Mia FINALLY left. [Click here for the episode review]

903 – Shoot to Thrill:  A
A well-done sexting plot, with improved acting by Melinda Shankar. [Click here for the episode review]

904 – Close to Me:  B
Declan makes his mark as Degrassi’s newest playa. [Click here for the episode review]

905 – You Be Illin’:  A+
A surprise element puts this followup episode over the top. [Click here for the episode review]

906 – Wanna Be Startin’ Something:  C
Apparently the cheating spout can be turned off just like that…that doesn’t sit well in Degrassiland. [Click here for the episode review]

907/908 – Beat It 1 & 2:  A+
Not as good as, but following in the footsteps of Pride, which is far from being a bad thing. [Click here for the episode review]

909 – Waiting For A Girl Like You:  B-
Declan has his sights set on Holly J…a power couple in the making. [Click here for the episode review]

910 – Somebody:  B
A filler episode that quickly tests Declan and Holly J…they pass. [Click here for the episode review]

911/912 – Heart Like Mine 1 & 2:  C+
Another “should’ve been great” episode that never realizes its full potential. [Click here for the episode review]

913 – Holiday Road:  D+
Dear Emma, why are you still here? [Click here for the episode review]

914 – Start Me Up:  B-
Peter has finally reached a genuine level of humility and likability. [Click here for the episode review]

915/916 – Why Can’t This Be Love? 1 & 2:  C-
There’s nothing memorable about the night the Degrassi kids will never forget…Prom. [Click here for the episode review]

917 – Innocent When You Dream:  A
Clare steals the show with a funny, yet relatable storyline. [Click here for the episode review]

918 – In Your Eyes:  A
Riley coming out to someone outside of his inner circle is kind of a big deal. [Click here for the episode review]

919 – Keep on Loving You:  C+
The creators were looking too far ahead to Degrassi Takes Manhattan to put any effort into this disappointing filler episode. [Click here for the episode review]

920/921/922/923 – Degrassi Takes Manhattan: B+
Any flaws in the story are overcome by strong acting and a heavy dose of Spinner.
[Click here to read the episode review]

21 thoughts

  1. I agree with everything except the ‘Holiday Road’ episode. I actually liked that episode and I think it showed that Emma was finally gonna get her life on track and do what she wants to do.

    I totally agree with the Mia finally leaving part, though. I didn’t mind her character but the final episodes she was in were kind of disappointing. They just talked about modeling and nothing else. lol


  2. I PRETTY much agree with everything BUT Degrassi Takes Manhattan…I personally think that Degrassi Takes Manhattan was one of the BEST I have seen from Degrassi ! I would give it a A++ :)


  3. Kay I love Emma but yes she got boring
    I luv how she pulled off the annyoing girl at the beggining but yea time to go!!! And goodbi Mia hated her I miss parcey hated her and Peter!!!!


    1. Yeah, but keep in mind that it was the season finale, which is the reason why the first week of the Boiling Point had new episodes on every weekday, including Friday.


  4. Season 9 was a step up from season 8 i give them that..more mediocre storylines and a couple of new people spice it up all the time..but this & season 8 cant compare to Season 10, Season 10 so far has been amazing and what ive been waiting for!


  5. I Totally Loved the whole SPINNER + EMMA thing! :)
    Degrassi Takes Manhattan ROCKEDD!.. :)

    Just Can’t Get Enough 1 & 2: C

    Shoot to Thrill: B+

    Close to Me: B+

    You Be Illin’: A+

    Wanna Be Startin’ Something: B-

    Beat It 1 & 2: A++

    Waiting For A Girl Like You: D-

    Somebody: C-

    Heart Like Mine 1 & 2:

    Holiday Road: C+

    Start Me Up: B-

    Why Can’t This Be Love? 1 & 2: D+

    Innocent When You Dream: A+

    In Your Eyes: A++ …LOVE ZILEY!! (RILEY+ ZANE)!!!

    Keep on Loving You: F (that episode was just horrible!)

    Degrassi Takes Manhattan: A++ !!!!


  6. i know im late on this but i hated season 9 while it was airing on TV but i just got the season 9 dvd last week and to me the episodes are ALOT better. Even the subplots are semi-better.

    Just cant get enough, B-

    wanna be startin somthin, B

    why cant this be love?, A
    – for me, this is my favorite episodes on of season 9 besides the movie.


  7. I LOVE ELI!!! He is cute and dramatic! If you allowed more episodes about Eli than Degrassi is #1the in my book!!! And how come you don’t have much information about him in your cast info??????


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