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Degrassi Corner: What Happened To Degrassi DVDs?

What’s going on with the Degrassi dvds? I talk about why we haven’t seen any since season 12.

Degrassi TV: Lying

– Lying is too broad of a subject to deliver a generalized answer to.  Lying is considered bad, but everyone does it anyway.  There’s also varying levels of lies and consequences associated with them.  A […]

TeenNick Continues Degrassi Rerun With 13A Marathon

Last night, TeenNick wrapped up its late-night rerun of 13C and 13D.  Tonight they begin a 3-day marathon of 13A: Monday 6/29 11pm EST: Summertime Tuesday 6/30 10:30pm: All I Wanna Do 11pm: My Own […]

TeenNick Re-Airing Degrassi Season 13 This Week

Yeah, yeah, I know everybody except for myself and maybe two other people didn’t hate every aspect of season 13.  Regardless, I’m a big fan of watching reruns because of how rarely they happen during […]

Degrassi Wins 4 Canadian Screen Awards (2015)

T’was a good night for Degrassi at the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards.  The series went into tonight with 4 nominations and came away with 4 wins: Degrassi: Best Children’s or Youth Fiction Program – Aislinn […]

Degrassi Debate: Drianca’s Breakup In Season 13

*********** I’m really enjoying these debates. It would be cool if you talked about the “Drianca” breakup and how the writers handled that. (Poorly, in my opinion) -Kasper *********** With the Drianca breakup episode I […]

VIDEO: Degrassi Season 13 Blooper Reel

No clue yet when Degrassi season 13 will come out on DVD, but Degrassi’s gone ahead and released a season 13 blooper reel. – –