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Degrassi Corner: What Happened To Degrassi DVDs?

What’s going on with the Degrassi dvds? I talk about why we haven’t seen any since season 12.

Degrassi TV: Lying

– Lying is too broad of a subject to deliver a generalized answer to.  Lying is considered bad, but everyone does it anyway.  There’s also varying levels of lies and consequences associated with them.  A […]

TeenNick Continues Degrassi Rerun With 13A Marathon

Last night, TeenNick wrapped up its late-night rerun of 13C and 13D.  Tonight they begin a 3-day marathon of 13A: Monday 6/29 11pm EST: Summertime Tuesday 6/30 10:30pm: All I Wanna Do 11pm: My Own […]

TeenNick Re-Airing Degrassi Season 13 This Week

Yeah, yeah, I know everybody except for myself and maybe two other people didn’t hate every aspect of season 13.  Regardless, I’m a big fan of watching reruns because of how rarely they happen during […]

Degrassi Wins 4 Canadian Screen Awards (2015)

T’was a good night for Degrassi at the 2015 Canadian Screen Awards.  The series went into tonight with 4 nominations and came away with 4 wins: Degrassi: Best Children’s or Youth Fiction Program – Aislinn […]

Degrassi Debate: Drianca’s Breakup In Season 13

*********** I’m really enjoying these debates. It would be cool if you talked about the “Drianca” breakup and how the writers handled that. (Poorly, in my opinion) -Kasper *********** With the Drianca breakup episode I […]

VIDEO: Degrassi Season 13 Blooper Reel

No clue yet when Degrassi season 13 will come out on DVD, but Degrassi’s gone ahead and released a season 13 blooper reel. – –

Degrassi Debate: The Death Of Adam Torres

When thinking about season 13, my feelings on the season can be briefly summarized by rating each individual block.  13A was disappointing.  13B was an improvement over 13A.  13C and 13D were on point.  I […]

Degrassi Debate: Kary Is Biased (TNG vs Season 13)

Today is my birthday.  I’m 31 now, and have no shame about still watching this cheesy teen soap opera known as Degrassi.  I’ve been watching it for over a decade now, so at this point […]

Degrassi Debate: Clare’s Role In Alli’s Abuse Storyline

If you’ve been paying attention to the news recently, then you already know what’s happened with former NFL star Ray Rice.  Video surfaced of him knocking his wife Janay unconscious in an elevator, then he […]