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If you’re wondering why Degrassi hasn’t been released on dvd since season 12, Executive Producer Stephen Stohn spoke out about the situation in May of 2015:

This situation has apparently been as frustrating for Degrassi as it has been for fans, who’ve now been waiting a combination of years for season 13 and 14 to be released.

Here in the U.S., Funimation was the distributor for Degrassi dvds for Seasons 1-6; Echo Bridge Entertainment took over for seasons 7-12. During the middle of Season 13’s broadcast schedule (and after Degrassi had sent Echo Bridge the S13 elements), the sale of Epitome Pictures to DHX Media happened. Since DHX is now in charge, we’re left¬†waiting for either DHX (or whichever company they’ve choosen to produce the dvds) or Echo Bridge to complete our dvd collections!

As for Next Class, we can assume that process will be a little easier?¬†But there hasn’t been any indication that seasons 1 and 2 will be released on dvd anytime soon.

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