801/802 – Uptown Girl 1 & 2: D (Mia) | C+ (Emma) | B (Clare/KC)
Degrassi trades any attempt at character development within Mia for having a shallow, glamorous leading lady. |  A solid plot idea is hindered by a lack of perceived enthusiasm within Miriam McDonald’s acting.  | An entertaining way to introduce the niners, aka the future of Degrassi.

803 – Fight the Power:  C
An OK episode about guys bullying a female.

804 – Didn’t We Almost Have It All:  C-
The originals aren’t as interesting in college as they were when they attended Degrassi.

805 – Man With Two Hearts:  C+
Intruiged by the friendship between Peter and Riley.

806 – With or Without You:  D-
A poorly-handled relationship episode.

807 – Money for Nothing:  C
Apparently everyone who becomes leader of the spirit squad is doomed to be kicked off at some point.

808/809 – Lost in Love 1 & 2:  D+
A love-themed episode with no heart.

810 – Bad Medicine:  C+
They keep teasing us with Riley’s sexuality…when will we get a real, committed plot to it?

811 – Causing a Commotion:  D-
Deals with Aspergers, but these young kids aren’t ready for storylines yet.

812 – Heat of the Moment:  C+
A solid episode about cyberbullying.

813/814 – Jane Says 1 & 2:  C-
A “should’ve been great” storyline turned mediocre by poor pacing and a lack of focus. [Click here for the episode review]

815 – Touch of Grey:  D-
Boring Emma trying too hard, and failing. [Click here for the episode review]

816 – Heart of Glass:  A+
An amazing episode.  It has the kind of heart and focus every episode this in Season 8 prior to this one has lacked. [Click here for the episode review]

817 – Up Where We Belong:  D-
Debating between big-time modeling and school is as contrived of a storyline as they come. [Click here for the episode review]

818 – Danger Zone:  B
Charlotte Arnold easily delivers one of the strongest performances of the season. [Click here for the episode review]

819/820/821/822 – Degrassi Goes Hollywod:  A+
Some of the originals return, and decide to bring their A-games with them. [Click here for the episode review]

11 thoughts

  1. I agree ALL the way! This season was probably the worst! Yes Heart of Glass was hands down the best episode in the whole season. But I didn’t really enjoy Degrassi Goes Hollywod as much. I would give it a B or B-


    1. I sort of disagree. while Season 8 was admittedly pretty mediocre, Season 7 was EXTREMELY hit or miss, and had some pretty terrible episodes.


  2. Season 8 was crap. point blank. didnt enjoy watching it, didnt enjoy the theme song, nor understand the revert back to the original opening & LAME topics..if a new fan caught on to this..kudos to them..any old fan would call this season a step DOWN from any high they were on.


  3. I started watching degrassi when season 8 was on. I thought it was pretty good until I saw season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6, and 7 and then I said wow wtf was I thinking lmao


  4. I STRONGLY disagree with causing a commotion. It was a strongly delivered performance from AJ Saudin, and one of his best to date. I woudlve given it a B+ or A


  5. Danger Zone was a great episode. The only thing I dislike about it is Jane’s acting when she sees Spinner on the stretcher. Worst acting to date in Degrassi history had to be when Jane said, “Oh my gosh! Spinner, are you okay?” I honestly have to hold back a laugh whenever I hear how fake that single line sounds.


  6. just rewatched With Or Without You, and although it IS a poorly handled relationship episode, the undertones of women and men’s rights and Sav’s religion interfering with him and and Anya’s relationship kinda blew me away


  7. I just marathoned this whole season, and I appreciate it a lot more now. It’s basically Degrassi’s transition semester, introducing so many (read: too many) new characters to replace the last two graduating classes that we grew up with. Season 8 feels pretty ‘light’ in comparison to season 7 (Jane and Riley were the only ones who had serious storylines, and they were definitely not handled as well as Darcy and Spinner’s the previous year). Still, I find it charming, funny, and definitely more consistent in terms of quality than other seasons. It coasts along and lays the foundations for some great season 9 episodes, I only wish the writers had set up some stories in previous seasons that could blossom in season 8, as everything that happens in this season doesn’t pick up on previous storylines.


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