301/302 – Father Figure 1 & 2: D+
Degrassi slips back by presenting another poor season premiere (Season 2 still the best Season Premiere to date)

303 – U Got the Look: B+ (Manny) | B (Craig/Joey)
Manny finally matures in both good and bad ways.  Reliving Joey’s glory days is enjoyable even if Craig doesn’t think so.

304 – Pride 1 & 2:  A+
Hands down one of Degrassi’s finest storylines.  Great writing, great acting and a great topic to bring it all together.

306 – Gangsta Gangsta:  B
Yet another entry in the journal of Sean, except this one involves a much better storyline.

307 – Should I Stay or Should I Go?:  B+
The beginning of Degrassi’s most popular love triangle: Ashley-Craig-Manny.

308 – Whisper to a Scream:  B-
A storyline that falls between the cracks of a relationship-heavy Season 3.

309 – Against All Odds:  B+
The subplot (Spinner/Marco/Jimmy) about a sleepover is better than Chris’ desire for a milkshake.

310 – Never Gonna Give You Up:  B
A slow start is erased after the plot picks up BIG time in the second half.

311 – Holiday 1 & 2: A+ (Craig/Manny/Ashley) | D+ (Caitlin/Joey/Sydney)
We get a fantastic look into the mind of characters involved in Degrassi’s most memorable love triangle.  Though a legendary Degrassi ship, Caitlin and Joey’s reunion is forgettable.

313 – This Charming Man:  C+
Emma’s selfishness in this episode is so difficult to watch.

314 – Accidents Will Happen 1 & 2:  C-
Degrassi’s most controversial episode is overrated.  The plot needed more than a two-parter, and was never fully fleshed out thanks to The-N’s initial refusal to air anything related to this storyline.

316 – Take On Me:  A+ (Sean/Ellie/Jimmy/Hazel/Toby)
A fun episode that breaks from the normal chaos of Degrassi and allows for a small group of characters and their respective relationships to develop.

317 – Don’t Dream It’s Over:  B+
Solid episode, until it becomes more about Spinner/Paige than it does Terri.

318 – Rock & Roll High School:  A+
Fun and entertaining.  My favorite episode of Degrassi: TNG.

319 – It’s Raining Men:  A-
Marco’s first big storyline since Pride is one of the highlights of his character.

320 – I Want Candy:  C-
This episode exposes us to the worst kind of Ashley Kerwin:  the whiny kind.

321 – Our House:  A
Sean finally matures, thanks to the stability of his relationship with Ellie.

322 – The Power of Love:  C-
An OK main plot.  The subplot is another beautiful example of Sean’s development.

5 thoughts

    1. I agree, it’s my favourite season of the first Next generation. So many good plots. The only thing that lacked was more Paige-centric episodes.


  1. Season 3 is my fave, You’re hating on some of the best episodes though. Father Figure? and come one Holiday is a Degrassi classic, tieing in the Tessa, Joey, Caitlin from School’s Out years later with Manny, Craig, and Ashley… It’s the best. Take on me is definitively one of my favorite episodes of Degrassi ever and Rock n’ Roll Highschool


  2. I have a question. Is there any website where you can watch any of the episodes from Degrassi: The Next Generation on Season 3? Please let me know. Thanks. :)


  3. I’m gonna have to disagree with Our House. Sean matured on his own. Ellie was just there. He made his own decisions and learned from them.


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