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“Stop acting like an immature idiot.” -Spinner Mason

First off, thank you to the people that come to this site that provide questions, opinions and other meaningful contributions to the basically nonstop discussion about Degrassi. But now onto what’s getting on my nerves: the people […]


FINALLY!!!!!!!! It’s about time someone in the magical world of Degrassiland got off their butt and told us SOMETHING about Degrassi this Spring. Degrassi officially returns to TeenNick on Friday, April 2nd at 9pm ET.  […]

12 Days Of Degrassi: Favorite Degrassi Mini

I can’t tell you how much fun this mini is to watch, and how happy it makes me. *Tolly J *Liberty: Toby…baby…what is this?  Holly J: None of your business Mrs. Urkel. *Darcy and Paige […]

12 Days of Degrassi: Degrassi Musical

Anyone remember The-N’s Degrassi Musical promo? :-)

12 Days of Degrassi: Degrassi Music

One thing that’s annoyed me about Degrassi is their lack of releasing Degrassi songs (not songs by artists, I mean songs by the actual characters) for purchase, etc.  I mean yeah you can buy one […]

12 Days of Degrassi: Degrassi Two-Parters

I wanna do 12 straight days of blogging up until Christmas (hence the 12 days of Degrassi), and today I figured I’d talk about Degrassi’s two parters.  I didn’t realize there were so many until […]

Best Degrassi Ever Had (Alli)

So a while back I wanted to put together a Degrassi song using Drake’s “Best I Ever Had.”  Well I finally got around to finishing it, and now you can listen to it below!  It’s a tribute […]


People keep asking about why there’s no info for “Why Can’t This Be Love,” and sadly I have none.  That’s because there’s no new episode airing tomorrow (12/6/09)….there’s no new Degrassi on CTV or TeenNick […]

Degrassi Goes Hollywood Glamour Photos

New photos of the Degrassi Goes Hollywood ladies.  Only one word describes them: BEAUTIFUL. To see Degrassi Goes Hollywood Glamour Photos (Part 2), click here. To see other promo pics for Degrassi Goes Hollywood, click […]

Drake Pays Tribute to Degrassi With Music Video

Drake’s latest music video for “Best I Ever Had” pays tribute to his days as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi.  As you know, he was the girl’s basketball coach on the show in seasons 6 and […]