First off, thank you to the people that come to this site that provide questions, opinions and other meaningful contributions to the basically nonstop discussion about Degrassi.

But now onto what’s getting on my nerves: the people that are continuously spamming, name calling and arguing back and forth with each other. It’s gotten out of control recently. You know who you are.  It has to stop, now.

*Stop attacking other users.  I don’t care who, what or why, comment on the topics, not each other.

*Stop asking every two seconds if there’s a new promo or new information. If there was, someone would post it.  And you would know if it’s been posted, so there’s no need to keep asking.  Stop asking.

*Stop posting fake information and lying about seeing things that don’t exist. You’re not fooling anyone.

*Don’t create usernames with the intention of trying to impersonate other users. And there’s no point in posting under multiple names…as the admin, I can see your i.p. address.

We’re here to discuss Degrassi, not act like jerks. I don’t need comments/apologies/finger pointing, so comments on this post are disabled. All I need is for people to not act so childish.

Posted by Kary