(NOTE: For the first 18 episodes (as well as Love Lockdown) I wrote separate reviews for each “Part” of the episodes. My grades on this page for those episodes are somewhat of an average between the two grades of each part.)

1001/1002 – What A Girl Wants: A (Fiona) | A (Sav/Holly J) | C- (Dave)
Strong plots from Fiona and Sav/Holly J overshadow weak filler Dave plot.
Part 1 Episode Review | Part 2 Episode Review

1003/1004 – Breakaway: B+ (Fiona) | A (Sav/Anya) | B+ (Clare) | D+ (Holly J)
Good continuation of Fiona/Sanya plots coupled with a more improved 3rd plot from Clare. Holly’s cash plot was pointless and out of character.
Part 1 Episode Review | Part 2 Episode Review

1005/1006 – 99 Problems: A- (Riley/Drew) | C+ (Alli) | B (KC)
Natural, intruiging rivalry between two arrogant athletes. | Quest for popularity makes Alli annoying. | Solid setup for KC’s Better Off Alone storyline.
Part 1 Episode Review | Part 2 Episode Review

1007/1008 – Better Off Alone: B- (KC) | A+ (Clare/Eli) | C+ (Alli)
Good plot that wraps up too neatly. | Fantastic, emotional chemistry displayed between Eli and Clare. | An abrupt end to an Alli plot where nearly everyone gets their feelings hurt.
Part 1 Episode Review | Part 2 Episode Review

1009/1010 – I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself: B (Sav) | C- (Jenna) | C+ (Fiona)
A great start to Sav’s plot is marred by a predictable ending. | Jessica Tyler lacks onscreen charisma. | Fiona’s fun, silly plot is abruptly brushed aside at the end as if it never happened.
Part 1 Episode Review | Part 2 Episode Review

1011/1012 – Try Honesty: C (Declan/Holly J) | A- (Eli/Fitz) | B (Three Tenners)
Degrassi’s power couple (Dolly J) has lost its luster. | Eli’s disturbing nature makes this rivalry interesting. | The Three Tenners make a strong debut with a very catchy tune.
Part 1 Episode Review | Part 2 Episode Review

1013/1014 – You Don’t Know My Name: C+ (Alli/Drew) | B+ (Sav/Holly J) | B- (Connor)
Two annoying characters make the main plot (Alli/Drew) unwatchable. | Sav and Holly J’s secret relationship is cute to watch. | Connor is given a storyline that fits him well.
Part 1 Episode Review | Part 2 Episode Review

1015/1016 – My Body Is A Cage: A+ (Adam) | B+ (Anya) | D+ (Dave)
Fantastic storyline with TV’s first transgender character. | Samantha Munro delivers some of her best acting. | Despite a salvaged ending, Dave continues his trend of lackluster plots in Season 10.
Part 1 Episode Review | Part 2 Episode Review

1017/1018 – Tears Dry On Their Own: B (Jenna) | B+ (Connor) | C+ (Anya/Riley)
Jenna’s plot stumbes out of the gate, but corrects itself with great storytelling in Part 2. | We receive an interesting look into Connor’s psyche. | Anya/Riley’s rekindled friendship is cute at first, but eventually becomes boring.
Part 1 Episode Review | Part 2 Episode Review

1019/1020 – Still Fighting It: B (Riley/Zane) | A (Eli/Clare) | A+ (Wesley)
Riley avoids his sexuality becoming a stale topic. | Eli and Clare are the most genuine couple on Degrassi. | Wesley provides a wonderfully-entertaining underdog storyline.
Full Episode Review

1021/1022 – Purple Pills: C- (Fiona) | A (Adam) | A- (Riley)
Fiona’s plot provides nothing new. | Another well-done storyline from Adam’s perspective. | FINALLY….Riley comes out of the closet.
Full Episode Review

1023/1024 – All Falls Down: B- (Drew/Alli) | A- (Eli/Clare/Fitz)
Drew and Alli’s drama happens to make this boring couple interesting. | The story’s suspense makes the overhyped ending easy to overlook.
Full Episode Review

1025/1026 – Don’t Let Me Get Me: B+ (Alli) | B+ (Jenna)
Alli finally shows maturity. | Jessica Tyler finally shows improved acting.
Full Episode Review

1027/1028 – Love Lockdown: A+ (Declan/Holly J) | C+ (Clare)C (Chantay)
Degrassi’s strongest actors are in top form in this emotionally-charged episode. | Clare’s storyline becomes too clichéd. | Chantay’s protest is just “OK” as a filler plot.
Part 1 Episode Review | Part 2 Episode Review

1029/1030 – Umbrella: B- (Clare/Eli) | B- (Drew/Fiona/Adam) | B (Wesley/Dave)
Clare’s storyline falls flat while Eli’s takes the helm. | The first consistent brotherly action we’ve seen from Adam and Drew all season. | An overly “happy” ending can be overlooked by the show daring to show Wesley getting tasered.
Full Episode Review

1031/1032 – Halo: C (Jenna) | A (Wesley) | B (Adam)
Jenna’s plot unravels when it no longer is about Jenna. | Another entertaining plot from a guy who is out of his league. | A solid setup for Fadam drama.
Full Episode Review

1033/1034 – When Love Takes Over: A (Adam/Fiona) | C- (Anya) | C+ (Dave)
Adam and Fiona’s personal issues clash, making for a well-layered story. | It’s hard to care about a character dating someone not connected to the Degrassi universe. | Dave lands a girl that’s too good for him.
Full Episode Review

1035/1036 – The Way We Get By: C (Drew/Bianca) | B- (Riley) | C- (Alli)
Drew and Bianca give us no reason to care about them. | We get a new perspective on the same-old Riley styoryline. | Alli’s plots are repetitive as Riley’s, but not as interesting.
Full Episode Review

1037/1038 – Jesus, Etc: A+ (Eli/Clare/Fitz) | B (Sav/Alli) | C+ (KC/Jenna)
The return of Fitz provides a delicious jolt of drama. | Sav’s maturity and leadership shine as Alli goes missing. | KC and Jenna aren’t good or bad…they’re just there.
Full Episode Review

1039/1040 – Hide & Seek: C- (Holly J) | C+ (Alli) | D- (Wesley)
A flat storyline that moves to slowly to be interesting. | By the end we’re all tired of Alli Bhandari. | A disappointing waste of Wesley’s entertainment value.
Full Episode Review

1041/1042 – Chasing Pavements: A+ (Fiona) | A (Anya/Owen) | D (Alli)
Both components to Fiona’s plot are well done. | A subplot that does a good job of handling a “touchy” subject. | An underwhelming way to mark Alli’s return to Degrassi.
Full Episode Review

1043/1044 – Drop The World: C+ (Eli/Clare) | C- (Sav/Holly J/Fiona) | D+ (KC/Jenna)
A failed attempt at a dramatic finale is somewhat saved by fantastic acting. | Both of Holly J’s relationship conflicts are rushed into conclusion. | A lack of screentime gives KC and Jenna’s plot no time to go anywhere.
Full Episode Review

11 thoughts

  1. Out of all 44 episodes, My Body Is A Cage definitely stands as my favorite episode of season 10. The episode really reminded me why I have stuck to this show after all these years. It showcased my favorite type of Degrassi: presenting a serious issue without pandering or trivializing it. I also loved that despite the hype, this episode not only lived up to expectations, but went beyond them.

    From the Boiling Point portion, apart from MBIAC, my favorites were Still Fighting It and All Falls Down. I feel like Still Fighting It is the only episode that succeeded in using this new three plot format well. I can rewatch this episode and not feel the need to fast forward through any plots because they’re all equally entertaining. Yes, All Falls Down obviously failed at being “the biggest event in Degrassi history,” but it was both a solid episode and a good finale (especially compared to Halo and DTW).

    From the fall episodes, only my favorite plots stand out to me: Holly J/Declan’s plot in Love Lockdown and Eli’s in Umbrella Pt. 2. The dynamic of what someone wants and doesn’t want in a relationship was wonderfully explored in Love Lockdown, and seeing two of the strongest actors on Degrassi fuel the situation made it even better. Munro definitely made his mark as one of the strongest actors from this generation with Umbrella Pt. 2. After watching Eli’s breakdown, I knew this was a great actor in the making. And of course, I can’t deny how much I loved seeing genuine love coming from a genuine relationship.

    From the In Too Deep portion, the return of Fitz in Jesus Etc. and Fiona and Anya’s story lines from Chasing Pavements are my favorites. The Fitz/Clare/Eli plot was Degrassi drama at its best. I just wish JEC pulled off a more believable performance–I STILL laugh way too hard when Fitz professes his new found love of God. Fiona’s plot in Chasing Pavements really appealed to me on a personal level (loving someone you can never be with) and Annie Clark put out some of her best acting to date. Anya’s sexual harassment plot showed another one of my favorite aspects of Degrassi: showcasing issues that don’t necessarily have to be dramatic to resonate with the audience.


  2. This season was by far above the average season that was 9 and the below average that was Season 8. I has to be one of my favorites.


  3. Out of all the segments of Season 10, The Boiling Point was my favorite. In Too Deep was my 2nd choice, and just the Fall episodes were…eh…good, I guess. I mean…Halo sort of ruined the winning streak for me. Jessica Tyler was just straight out annoying. My least favorite episode, however, of the entire season was You Dont Know My Name. Can anyone give me a yawn fest. The only plot in that episode that had potential was the Connor storyline (which was great, I must admit). I know it was supposed to be a filler ep, with establishing a new couple, but I felt like so much more could have happened. My favorite episode from The Boiling Point had to be You Dont Know My Name. It shows Degrassi rebellion at its best, which I love. My favorite episode from the Fall Episodes was Love Lockdown, hands down. Charlotte Arnold and Landon Laboiron made a fantastic forbidden love episode. My favorite from In Too Deep was Chasing Pavements. Fantastic episode that I feel was the best of the season. Jesus Etc, When Love Takes Over, and Hide and Seek. Overall, season 10 was my favorite Degrassi season, and I hope they make Degrassi season 11 just as good (I cant stress this season enough, I love Degrassi and I hope it never ends)


  4. Hi i think degrassi rocks n i LOVE the cast especialy Fiona,Holly J, Clare,Jenna, n the girl that plays a guy shes awesum


  5. 1.Fiona- ur hot
    2.Holly J-ur hot
    3.Clare-hair cut=hot
    as u can c i think all of u girlys r hot becuz ?


  6. My favorite season ten episodes are (Not that anybody cares, but I’m telling you anyways!) :

    What A Girl Wants
    My Body Is A Cage (Who doesn’t love that episode? Seriously!)
    Purple Pills
    All Falls Down
    Drop The World (Amazing acting, great storylines all around).


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