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Celebrate “Pi Day” With These Degrassi Episodes

Here’s a look back at a few Degrassi episodes with plots involving math.

DegrassiBlog Q&A 8/13/15: Winston, Eclare, etc.

Kary hi, so idk if you’ve answered this already but how do you feel about the way Eclare ended? –asilinnfknpaul   The short answer is I’m fine with it.  Actually, having all three senior ships […]

Degrassi Recap: Don’t Look Back

This 2-hour special is different even from the other movies we’ve seen (Degrassi Takes Manhattan, Degrassi Goes Hollywood) because even though it’s canon, at the same time we’re not really supposed to be taking it […]

Degrassi Power Rankings: 1423/1424

It didn’t really feel right ranking anyone except the departing characters in this episode, especially with so many of the younger cast members dominating the top half of the rankings.  So this one only ranks […]

Degrassi Recap 1423/1424: Finally

The Seniors Graduate Drew’s feeling left out because Alli’s planning the perfect prom for Clare, so she doesn’t want Drew around to ruin it.  Dallas is able to convince Alli that Drew can come with […]

Degrassi Promo: Don’t Look Back (TeenNick)

The Degrassi writers confirmed this 2-hour movie is more of a fun, transitional episode as we move onto the new series, Degrassi: Next Class.  The special will air this Sunday, August 2nd on both MTV […]

Degrassi Power Rankings: 1422

1) Tiny Bell (#4) He stole the show in this episode and was fantastic.  We’ll see even more of him in Degrassi: Next Class.  Not everyone follows this show hardcore, but there still seems to be quite […]

Degrassi Recap 1422: The Kids Aren’t Alright Pt. 2

Zig Must Make A Choice Zig is ready to take on the rival gang head on, but Vince advises him and Tiny to lay low and let things blow over.  However, Zig can’t do that […]

Degrassi Cast/Fan Promos 7/30/15

Degrassi Top 10 Ships: Eclare – #MyDegrassiMoment: Fan Tweets – –

Degrassi Promo 1423/1424: Finally

Finally Pt. 1 and 2 will air as a one-hour finale on Friday, July 31st on TeenNick and MTV Canada. – Drew plans an elaborate last minute prom-posal, and Dallas makes a mistake that could […]