1) Tiny Bell (#4)
He stole the show in this episode and was fantastic.  We’ll see even more of him in Degrassi: Next Class.  Not everyone follows this show hardcore, but there still seems to be quite a bit of confusion lingering as to which characters will be in the new series.  So who’s returning? This awesome guy, Zig, Frankie, Grace, Zoë, Maya, Jonah, Winston, Lola, Hunter, Shay, Miles and Tristan.

2) Zig Novak (#1)

3) Becky Baker (#6)

4) Frankie Hollingsworth (#3)

5) Grace Cardinal ()

6) Imogen Moreno (#2)

7) Zoë Rivas ()

8) Maya Matlin  (#9)

9) Clare Edwards (#8)

10) Jonah Haak (#11)

11) Eli Goldsworthy (#10)

12) Winston Chu (#14)

13) Lola Pacini (#12)

14) Alli Bhandari (#13)

15)  Hunter Hollingsworth ()

16) Miles Hollingsworth ()

17) Shay Powers ()

18) Mike Dallas ()

19) Drew Torres (#21)

20) Tristan Milligan (#19)

21) Connor DeLaurier (#20)

22) Jack ()

23) Arlene Takahashi ()

24) Jenna Middleton ()



Posted by Kary


  1. So no Jack or Arlene in Next Class – what about Miles?



    1. Oops I forgot to add Miles…he is definitely returning as well.



      1. Thank goodness haha


  2. You forgot Vince Bell in the power ratings. He might not be a good guy, but neither is Jonah, who stolle from Becky I would put Vince in 10th position. And what about Damon? He is the one who really got Zig to confess to the police and end the gang war. For this he deserves a top 5 position.



    1. Vince and Damon aren’t main characters. If you haven’t notice all the main characters except Simpson and Luke are up there.



      1. Note: Jonah and Arlene are reccuring characters and are up there but in season 14, I’m sure they’ll receive star billing in season 15 and become mains.


  3. Since you mentioned who was coming back next season, I started realizing there’s no more of the Gifted Niners from Season 8 because they’re finally graduating. That’s TV for you. It’s funny how I managed to
    graduate before Clare,Alli,and Connor haha.



  4. MILES ISNT RETURNING??????? nooooooooo



    1. He’s returning. Kary forgot to put him but he’s added him since then. :)



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