Zig Must Make A Choice

1422-1Zig is ready to take on the rival gang head on, but Vince advises him and Tiny to lay low and let things blow over.  However, Zig can’t do that knowing some of the gang members at Degrassi are also threatening Maya, so he confronts one of them.  Zig slams the guy against the lockers until Maya walks up and stops them.  Later, Zig receives a video message from Damon warning him to get out of the gang war by any means necessary.  Zig finally decides to tell the detective the truth about who shot Damon, and when Vince shows up to the musical to support Zig, he’s arrested.

After Zig’s performance he’s confronted at knife point backstage by Tiny, who’s upset that Zig ratted out his brother.  He feels like he has no one left, but Zig tells him they can finally break the cycle and break free of gang life.  With Vince in custody, both Zig and Tiny are living with their social worker Jose while they cooperate with the cops’ investigation.  Zig also visits Damon in the hospital and the two reconcile.

QUICK REVIEW: “You always have options,” Maya tells a frustrated Zig.  He’s chosen the dangerous path of confronting those threatening him and his friends, but Zig’s stopped dead in his tracks with that video message from Damon.  Sometimes all it takes is nearly meeting your maker to realize how precious life is.  In Tiny’s case, he seems so used to this level of violence that he’s numb to it.  Zig has been good throughout most of the gang storyline and he did well in the musical, but I surely wasn’t going to complain when Tiny stole the show in this episode.
As he stood there waving the knife at Zig, we see nothing but pain in Tiny’s eyes.  Vince is an awful guy, but he and Tiny were brothers after all.  “Vince was all I had, he took care of me,” Tiny says.  We learn his dad’s in prison and his mom’s a junkie.  And as we saw throughout 14B, regardless of what Vince does and has done in the past, there’s no denying he looked out for Tiny the best way he knew how to.
No matter how hard I try to get away from this mess it keeps finding me,” Tiny says. We expected Zig to get pulled back into the gang life, but those words are far more powerful coming from Tiny, someone who’s been trapped deeper in that life than Zig could ever be.

The Show Must Go On

1422-2Winston finds himself unable to kiss his new leading lady Zoë because he doesn’t want to kiss anyone except Frankie.  Zoë tells him to talk to her because Frankie’s trust issues stem from watching her mom and dad’s relationship.  Winston calls Frankie and begs for her to rejoin the play, which he wrote for her.

Frankie shows up and the musical goes on as scheduled, the two share their on-stage kiss and they kiss again offstage, signifying Frankie has forgiven Winston.

QUICK REVIEW: The final product of Winston’s musical (what we saw of it) painted a better emotional picture than watching Frankie and Winston get back together.  I love Frankie and can give or take Winston, but Frankston still isn’t a compelling couple one way or the other.  In Part 1, Frankie was looking for reassurance that Winston would never cheat on her again.  Besides a generic apology from Winston in this episode in regards to the many ways he’s disappointed her recently, we’re just left to assume the apology as well as him saying the play won’t be worth it if she’s not a part of it is enough for her to forgive and forget.
I’m slightly disappointed that Frankston was casually resolved amidst the hubbub of the musical, but at the same time the musical was FAR more entertaining to watch.  Tell me again why they refuse to do a full-blown musical episode? I’ll even take a webisode series.

The End of Becky and Jonah?

1422-3Becky confronts Jonah about the stolen money and she’s hurt to learn it was used to pay a drug debt.  Jonah tells her the debt was from a long time ago and he’s not that kind of guy anymore.  Drew sees Becky’s upset, and while he knows it’s because of Jonah he doesn’t tell Becky she should break up with him; Drew tells her he just wants her to be happy.

Becky feels Jonah’s lie is too difficult to overcome, and because she can’t trust anymore she breaks up with him.

QUICK REVIEW: No one in their right mind wants Drecky, but Drew did the right thing in keeping his opinion to himself and just showing support for Becky.  She might night very naive, but Becky has a good heart and a good head on her shoulders.  She’s about to graduate and doesn’t need to spend her time worrying whether or not her boyfriend is in a good place, or if Jonah’s lying to her or falling back into a life of drug use.  With Frankie in The Kids Aren’t Alright we see her unsure if she could ever trust Winston again, but she ultimately chose to.  Becky ended up doing the opposite.
Becky’s been challenged a lot this year, especially when it comes to her values.  She strives to do the right/kind thing, and forgiveness would be something her brain would automatically lean toward in this situation.  But when I think back to her in Watch Out Now saying things always get worse when she does the right thing, I don’t blame her for opting out of this one.

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  1. I’m so interested in Tiny, now. The show has had a habit of creating characters with these sort of vague gang connections and chaotic – but not too chaotic – home lives (Jay, Alex, Bianca, Fitz), but in Tiny the writers have the potential to really develop a compelling character. His little monologue about his family laid out the truth of a life of violence, heart-wrenchingly and blatantly. I’d never felt another troubled character’s pain as much as I did when Tiny confronted Zig. I can’t wait to see more of him, and hopefully this “creative freedom” that the producers are talking about w/r/t the show moving forward on Netflix and Family, we’ll get to delve even darker and deeper into the lives of characters like Tiny.

    I’m also hoping that what with Grace being of First Nations descent, that the show can use her character to address Aboriginal issues in Canada, particularly as they relate to Aboriginal women. The crap our Indigenous peoples struggle with is brutal, but goes largely unacknowledged by the public because it isn’t discussed. If a show aimed at teens could address some of these problems in a sensitive way, it’d be really groundbreaking.



    1. Indeed. Of course Degrassi has been hit or miss with issues concerning people of color. Remember how Hazel was the center of only one storyline, and that was about her being a Somali Muslim. Race relations should be acknowledged, but not be the character’s defining trait.



      1. Definitely, hence “sensitive way”, haha. It’s stupid that given the writers’ insistence on telling controversial stories, that the show has yet to show a good plot about race relations. I’ve long been gunning for a story where a teacher gives preferential treatment to white students, or a story about parents not supporting their child’s relationship with someone of a different race, or even a character’s hesitance to become romantically involved with someone of a different race. These are still very real things kids deal with today.


  2. The conclusion to the gang plotline was great. Zig really stepped up and did the right thing. ^I agree with Nina S: I want to see more Tiny plotline! Such an interesting character.

    Saw the promo for the 2 hour special: Is it suppose to be a murder mystery? And is Zaya endgame (until we transition into Next Class)? Am I the only one who feels confused after 14B started? I thought in Firestarter, Zoey and Zig were still flirtatious. And in Hero vs. Villain, Miles was still in love with Maya (The reason why Tristan and him broke up; which Tris hints at in Get It Together).



    1. Zig is over Zoë. Hes in love with Maya always has been always will. He dumped a girl for Maya once and he did it agian for Zoë. That scene in Walking in My Shoes in the cafeteria showed that Zig is over her and dosen’t like her anymore. Zoë also moved on and now likes Miles. And in Teen Age Riot – Zig said –
      “I don’t want other fish! When I’m with Maya, other girls are just that. Other girls. None of them are her – how don’t you get that?!”



      1. It won’t allow me to edit my comments since so since I made a spelling mistake and pressed post comment to soon. It was suppose to say:
        Zig is over Zoë. Hes in love with Maya always has been always will. He dumped a girl for Maya once and he did it agian for Maya. That scene in Walking in My Shoes in the cafeteria showed that Zig is over her and dosen’t like her anymore. Zoë also moved on and now likes Miles. And in Teen Age Riot – Zig said –
        “I don’t want other fish! When I’m with Maya, other girls are just that. Other girls. None of them are her – how don’t you get that?!”

        Also Miles has moved on from Maya and now likes Zoë. Tristan even mentioned that Miles has moved on and he could tell. And you can tell he likes Zoë by the way he smiled at her.


  3. I know all of the things you mentioned are absolutely true but can we just awknowlegde Frankie’s singing for a second?? Absolutely incredible!! She is the best singer I’ve seen on Degrassi since Jane! So impressed, I hope they can build that into more of her storylines. She feels a lot like Clare too me.



  4. It seemed incredible that after tiny waves a knife at maya and wants to kill her and zig that she’s all chummy with him after they resolve it. Any normal person would be like stay away from me from now on period. It also appeared that the knife had no handle as short as it was.



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