Season 5 Grades

501/502 – Venus 1 & 2:  C
Degrassi still riding the coattails of the ridiculous S4 finale, but the characters are more mature.

503 – Death of a Disco Dancer:  D+
An epsiode with no style or substance.  That disappoints me, Paige.

504 – Foolin’:  B-
JT and Liberty are finally given a chance to deal with a serious storyline, and they hold their own.

505 – Weddings, Parties, Anything:  A-
The kind of filler episode Death of a Disco Dancer should’ve been:  fun and entertaining.

506 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For:  C+
The subplot is more interesting than Jimmy here.

507/508 – Turned Out 1 & 2:  B+
The plot almost borderlines ridiculous, but the dynamics of JT and Liberty’s relationship hold it all together.

509 – Tell it to My Heart:  C+
The way Marco comes out to his dad is the only thing that saves this from being a totally mediocre episode.

510 – Redemption Song: B
It’s resident bad boy Jay to the rescue.

511/512 – The Lexicon of Love 1 & 2:  A+
Another great performance from Lauren Collins, and a breakout performance from Deanna Casaluce.

513 – Together Forever:  D+
Everything about this episode screams self indulgence.

514 – I Against I: A (Spinner) | C- (Spike)
Spinner’s storyline is strong as he’s caught between a rock (his new friends) and a hard places (his old friends).  A lack of emotion deflates the good concept of Spike’s marriage woes.

515/516 – Our Lips Are Sealed 1 & 2:  B+
Emma is given another juicy two-parter.  Once again, watching her breakdown is far more interesting.

517 – Total Eclipse of the Heart:  D
At this point, the thought of Marco storylines make me say “Ew.”

518/519 – High Fidelity 1 & 2:  C-
A random/unnecessary love triangle fuels this episode.


  1. Degrassiobsessed July 26, 2010 at 1:19 am

    Venus to me, was an exelent episode and I loved it. Couldn’t disagree more it is season 10 right now and Venus is one of the hugest episodes on iTunes so sorry but RONG
    luv how Peter was a jerk and sneaky and mean to manny and bit by bit got involved with more crazy girls lol
    sorry buddy I miss these seasons LONG LIVE the old degrassi crew!!!! Little did they Noe soon ppl like ewwy mia and stupid laya



  2. Loved Our lips are sealed. It dealt with a lot of real problems girls (even good ones like Emma) have.
    And i find jay very sexy..



  3. can you please do a review of the episode our lips are sealed



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