I wanna do 12 straight days of blogging up until Christmas (hence the 12 days of Degrassi), and today I figured I’d talk about Degrassi’s two parters.  I didn’t realize there were so many until I wrote a list of them all…30 in all have aired so far over the past 8 years.

In my opinion, trying to specifically rank them all from best to worse is impossible.  So what I’ve done is I’ve divided all the two-parters into four different categories: Great, Good, Okay and Ehhh.  I’ve ranked my top 5 favorite two parters, but after that they’re listed in no particular order.


1) When Doves Cry.
This is my favorite two-parter of all time.  Craig bursts on the scene and had the most intense storyline at that time with his dad abusing him.  The graveyard scene near the end brought me to tears.

2) Pride.
If anyone who was new to Degrassi asked me to recommend some episodes for them to watch, Pride would be at the very top of the list.  It’s a great two-parter overall that handles Marco’s sexuality very well.  And I love the fact that the episode doesn’t end happily ever after.

3) Tears Are Not Enough.
It was not only a wonderful ending to Season 2, but a wonderful ending to Craig’s abuse storyline.  The first time I saw this episode I was completely floored when they revealed Craig’s dad had died, and Jake Epstein’s acting in the aftermath was great.

4) Time Stands Still.
Hellooooo, it’s Time Stands Still.  Nuff said.

5) Beat It.
How bizarre is it that I’m a straight guy, and two of my Top 5 two-parters are about a character dealing with his sexuality?  I loved the way this episode was handled…it was great that Riley’s sexuality was presented and dealt with in a different way than Marco’s was.

The Lexicon of Love.
Though the fact Alex was a lesbian seemed sort of random, but the buildup of the Paige/Alex friendship leading to this episode was great.  I felt this was a sweet episode because it put a lot of emphasis on feelings.

Eyes Without A Face.
I loved this episode, too bad it aired LONG after the myspace era.  It’s a great episode about the dangers of the internet… and Myroom page makes me lol.

Standing In The Dark.
Easily the top episode of Season 7.  And the fact Degrassi didn’t cop out and left Darcy’s rapist faceless, makes it even better.  As a matter of fact, Darcy’s rape storyline (which extended through several more episodes) is only one of two reasons to watch Season 7.


Ghost In The Machine.
Loved how Paige couldn’t deal with revived emotions, and the fact she smashed Dean’s car.

Voices Carry.
Jake Epstein’s acting is the driving force of this episode.  Watching his level of crazy get worse as the episode progresses is entertaining.

Emma giving blowjobs in the ravine = a mouthful of jokes for years to come.

Turned Out.
Loved watching as the walls closed in on JT to the point where he becomes a drug dealer.

Death Or Glory.
Part 1 was absolutely PHENOMENAL.  Part 2 lost way too much steam for my taste.

What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost.
I love Craig. And unfortunately I’m a sucker for Craig/Ellie interaction, even if Craig makes Ellie act OOC.

Our Lips Are Sealed.
A good episode about eating disorders that clearly establishes that it’s about control, not the disorder itself.  And Manny was hilarious in this episode.

High Fidelity.
Reasons I like this graduation episode: Spinner and Paige hook up, but don’t get back together – The Jimmy/Ellie subplot (even though I was disappointed Jimmy got rejected) – Jimmy finally forgives Spinner.


The song the girls sang was great, but I never got into this episode.  I liked the followup episodes to Shout better.

Degrassi’s only true holiday-centric episode is average at best.  Craig’s balancing act between Ashley and Manny was intriguing though.

Accidents Will Happen.
The most controversial Degrassi episode ever, but it was nowhere CLOSE to being as intense as it should’ve been.

Free Fallin.
By the end of the episode, it’s easy to get bored with Paige and her antics.

Don’t You Want Me.
The will they/won’t they of Paige and Alex has gotten old at this point in Season 6.  It’s funny that it involves teenage stripping though.

Jane Says.
A solid attempt at remaking a storyline from Degrassi High, but it spends way too much time setting up. There was no need for Jane to spend all of Part 1 walking around trying to remember what happened.

Heart Like Mine.
So many ways this episode could’ve gone, and they chose the mediocre route.


Mother and Child Reunion.
Is it bad of me to say that the series premiere of my favorite television show wasn’t very good?

Father Figure.
Ehhh another episode cameos from throwback Degrassi High characters…ultimately forgettable.

White Wedding.
Will Spike and Snake get married? Is Emma’s hair ruined for good? Yawn.  They should’ve spent more time following JT and Toby trying to sneak into the bachelor party.

Going Down The Road.
Degrassi’s super duper Jump The Shark episode.

The main plot about Manny and Peter was so ridiculous that I was more interested in Craig and Ellie’s subplot.

Here Comes Your Man.
This episode and the one right after it, True Colours, killed Season 6’s mojo before it even started.  It’s hard to care about a Peter/Emma/Sean love triangle.  Thankfully a pedophile, a drug addiction and a stabbing later in the season got things back on track.

Bust A Move.
An episode where half the cast goes on road trips and conveniently all end up in the same place? Awful.

Uptown Girl.
It’s a two-parter about Mia…there’s no way this could be good.

Lost In Love.
A lame episode, which is mind boggling since the main plot is about two EXTREMELY likable characters (Spinner and Jane).

Just Can’t Get Enough.
Peter and Mia are one of the worst couples ever.  Why would I want to watch a two-parter about them?

Posted by Kary


  1. woah so weird I 100% agree with you. And I thought I was so different form every big degrassi fan!:p



  2. I agree with your top espisodes except Eyes without a Face and The Lexicon of Love. I can’t stand these episodes. I conviently change the channel every time the episodes come on.



  3. Wrong. Turned Out is not only the best Degrassi episode ever… it’s also the best “2-parter”. Live to Tell is the next best Degrassi episode. I miss Ryan Cooley and Shenae Grimes so much. They were two of the best actors on the show and everything they did was amazing.



  4. You forgot about Father Figure, the opener for Part 3!!! Where does that rank? I love Emma, so I love any storyline with her. You also forgot Our Lips Are Sealed… another amazing Emma episode. Do you just not like her so you forgot? Haha. I can’t see why everyone hates her… she’s very real, and that’s why I like her. People act OOC all the time. That’s life.



  5. You also forgot High Fidelity, another brilliant 2-parter & the end of season 5 (the best season). Please re-write this and tell us how you’d rank the 3 you forgot!



  6. *I meant Season 3 in regards to Father Figure.



    1. I updated it!! Thanks for pointing those eps. were missing. I liked Our Lips Were Sealed and High Fidelity, but Father Figure? Not so much.



      1. No problem! I love your blog. I just watched Bust a Move 1 & 2… I love it for the Darcy/Peter & pre-Alli Johnny stuff… and I love Jay, so I like him with anybody… awww Peter needs another GF who won’t go to the CW. Maybe I’m crazy but I like the way his character has evolved and isn’t a total douche anymore.


  7. So…am I the only one who liked Going Down the Road?

    And Turned Out can DIAF.



  8. Venus is actually my favorite two parter, I really have no idea why. But I mostly agree with your list.



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