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REPORT: Possible Degrassi Season 13 Episode Titles?? (1301-1304)

– Earlier today I posted the video of Abby Ho interviewing Degrassi’s Background Casting Director, Krista Fraser.  In the background you could see a whiteboard with random Season 13 information.  Upon further inspection, one of […]

Degrassi Behind The Scenes: How To Be An Extra On Degrassi

The most common question I receive is people asking how they can be on Degrassi.  Sometimes I get extremely serious inquiries from people who think I work for the show (I do not work for […]

Degrassi News 5/1/13 (Submit Season 13 Music, Wardrobe Wednesday, Happy Jay Day!)

– With production for Season 13 in full swing, this week Epitome has started soliciting for independent musicians to submit their music for use in episodes.  If you’re interested, the instructions for how to submit […]

Degrassi News 4/29/13 (Degrassi Summer Premiere Dates, On-Set News)

– This news hit the fandom late last week, but I was waiting to post here in case there was additional news or changes made today (we’re in that time frame where the networks start […]

BREAKING NEWS: Alex Steele NOT Returning for Degrassi Season 13

E! Online reported today that Alex Steele (Tori) will not be returning to Degrassi in Season 13.  Click here to read the full article: http://www.eonline.com/news/400527/degrassi-shocker-alex-steele-not-returning-for-season-13 Since she was the one who decided to leave the […]

Degrassi News 1/23/13: Degrassi Meets With Network Execs; Degrassi DVDs On Sale

– As fans still wait for 12C, the Epitome is already working hard on preparing for Season 13, meeting with TeenNick and Much today.  Also, the Degrassi Season 11 DVDs are on sale at Amazon. […]

Writing Under Way For Degrassi Season 13

While fans are still eagerly awaiting the final 10 episodes of Season 12 to begin next month, the writers started working on Season 13 today: First day of writing for Degrassi Season 13! It's like […]

Degrassi Season 13 Brainstorming Scheduled For December 3rd

Several weeks ago Stephen Stohn announced that the Degrassi writers would be having a brainstorming session before the end of the year for Season 13 (SIDE NOTE: several media outlets incorrectly reported that Tonight, Tonight was […]