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Earlier today I posted the video of Abby Ho interviewing Degrassi’s Background Casting Director, Krista Fraser.  In the background you could see a whiteboard with random Season 13 information.  Upon further inspection, one of the blocks says “1301-1304” with four song titles listed next to it.  They’re assumed to be:

1301: Baby One More Time
1302: Are You Gonna Go My Way
1303: All I Wanna Do
1304: My Own Worst Enemy

We’ll have to wait and see if these are official.  If confirmed, of course the big question is whether or not they’re ditching the two-part format and going back to single episodes…or, any even crazier thought, going with a one-hour episode format.  With the Season 12 finale not airing until June and the show having not announced the new characters yet, Epitome has kept pretty silent about season 13 so far.

Posted by Kary


  1. Degrassi should really go the one-hour episode route!!



    1. I agree! I would LOVE one hour episodes! And if that was the case, I wouldn’t mind having only one episode a week whereas its kinda annoying when they’re 2-part episodes and you only get 1 part every week. =\



  2. I like the idea of the one-hour episodes, if that’s what they decide. It reminds me of Skins, which obviously does a great job with it. Also, with a full hour, they don’t have to worry about using as much setup to build suspense for Part 2, and it could really make for much better episodes, due to the fact that it should have a lot more going on from the very beginning to the end.



  3. I’d say maybe they are doing what they did in Now or Never and week 1 having it be one hour long episode and 3 half hour episodes before going back to the 2part format however there was that cryptic tweet about Degrassi Fridays and the rumored season 13 start date is a Friday so I’m thinking also it could be a half hour weekly episode this summer and no novella at all



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