This news hit the fandom late last week, but I was waiting to post here in case there was additional news or changes made today (we’re in that time frame where the networks start posting details about their summer lineups).  MuchMusic is currently reporting two things:

1) Degrassi’s Season 12 finale, The Time of My Life, is scheduled to air on Friday, June 21st.
2) Season 13 premieres on Friday, July 12th.


That July 12th date for the premiere isn’t a typo it seems.  An inside source also said the premiere party Much does every year is on the 12th, so that’s what it’s looking like for now.

Last week the Degrassi twitter account hinted that Degrassi would be happening on Fridays:

There’s no word if this is just for TOML and the S13 premiere, or if Degrassi is shifting its summer schedule to have episodes air on Fridays.  It would suck if the show reverted back to just single episodes on Fridays during the summer; adjusting the telenovela so that episodes can air on Fridays, however, would be awesome (and make sense).


On-Set News

On the production side of things filming began last week, and there’s still a while to go:

You know how we’ve all been freaking out about Jordy’s status on the show because she never seems to interact with cast members, and Adam was nonexistent during 12C (which was weird b/c Adam is always around)?

Well guess who was on set today (via Jordy’s instagram)?


Posted by Kary


  1. I think that tweet might be for The Time of My Life



  2. So Katie, Mo, Marisol and Bianca aren’t graduating??? Kinda sad to see ELi leave even Jake! Really started to like his character!



  3. The only ones not graduating are Drew and Dallas (it will be interesting to here HOW he’s back at Degrassi unless the ice hounds are still around next school year) Hmmmm I wonder IF they are dropping the Novella it means they are going back to a standard 22 episode or so season with just 7 episodes each arch



  4. […] emisji finału 12 sezonu. Otóż powołując się na informacje opublikowane przez Kary’ego z DegrassiBlog, godzinny odcinek „The Time of My Life” zostanie wyemitowany w piątek 21 czerwca na […]



  5. i dont think claire is graduating also . she’s not in her cap and gown in the previews and she ran for student president… fiona was suppose to graduate like 2 years ago. this show always messes up lol



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