With production for Season 13 in full swing, this week Epitome has started soliciting for independent musicians to submit their music for use in episodes.  If you’re interested, the instructions for how to submit your music can be found here.  There wasn’t any mention of submissions being limited to Canadian artists, so I’m assuming American artists can submit music as well.



Every Wednesday, Epitome gives you a chance to win a Season 12 poster with Wardrobe Wednesday.  In order to enter, head over to Degrassi’s facebook page and tell them which character wore this necklace: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=604868062857225&set=a.504179442926088.117157.406329686044398&type=1


The winner will be randomly chosen on Friday.



I’m still not sure how this came out (rumor is it was started by DegrassiDaily and HeatherPoulette), but May 1st has been deemed “Jay Day” for several years now.  Today we pay tribute to Jay Hogart by checking out a bunch of his minis:

Diary of Jay Hogart

If Jay Can’t Be Happy…Part 1

If Jay Can’t Be Happy…Part 2

If Jay Can’t Be Happy…Part 3

If Jay Can’t Be Happy…Part 4

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