Lying is too broad of a subject to deliver a generalized answer to.  Lying is considered bad, but everyone does it anyway.  There’s also varying levels of lies and consequences associated with them.  A prime example of that is the season 13 episode, You Oughta Know.

This episode recently aired on TeenNick, and a rewatch affirmed that the episode’s overall theme offers more insight than the plots individually (Clare and Imogen’s plot were good, however, Tristan’s was dumb).  Still, with the show’s silly decision to make Tristan become a pseudo drug dealer, in the grand scheme of things his trail of lies prove a point about the complexity of lying.  How would one react to the lies told in this episode?


Tristan Milligan…drug dealer? I don’t need to reiterate how silly that was.  However, we once again see a character becoming something they’re not in order to impress someone else.  His initial lie (that he can provide Miles and the team with steroids) was stupid.  But once Miles learns the truth, Tristan immediately tells another lie in order to keep Miles (and himself) from suffering public embarrassment.  I thought the second lie was clever, but it’s a position he should’ve never been in to start with.

Imogen and Becky.  Imo felt guilty about making out with Adam before he died.  She contemplated telling Becky, but ultimately decided not to.  This was a really awkward position to be in and I’m not sure what telling Becky would’ve accomplished, besides tainting Becky’s final memories of Adam.  I get the individual and mutual benefits to her withholding that information.

Clare’s Article.  Homegirl fabricated an article about Zoë.  Out of the lies in this episode, this one of is the least acceptable.  Actually, it’s completely unacceptable.  It’s bad enough that the media loves to skew things Clare wants to pursue a career in journalism, and lying is a no-no…just ask Brian Williams how that works out.  She’s very lucky that the editor didn’t decide to stomp on her career before it even started.


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