TeenNick has released another promo for the Degrassi 2-week event.  TeenNick is in overdrive for this finale event and we can expect at least a couple more promos from them over the next week, but we’re still waiting on MTV to at least pretend like they know the show is coming back in 10 days.


Posted by Kary


  1. All the feels with all the memories.. I want to cry, laugh be sad and be angry all at the same time. How I miss the Alums.. Especially the TNG.

    Bye bye Seniors its been to weird for me, sorry that KC, Wesley, Dave and Adam will not be there. :(

    And it seems like Eli is giving Clare an ultimatum? If it is that Clare should walk away and start a new. Sorry but I can’t with Eli & Clare anymore, it feels too forced, also more unhealthy since S13. They should have Clare fasted tracked so Eclare would been endgame at S12.



    1. Totally agree! So many moments in that promo just give me goosebumps, as I remember how powerful those moments were for me when I first saw them as a young teen. It makes me want to go back and watch all the seasons, but it takes sooo long lol.

      Oh, how I miss Dave. Probably will go down as one of my favorite characters ever. His maturity and growth from when he first began on the show was amazing, and he became such a likable guy. Still can’t believe he didn’t get the proper sendoff that he definitely deserved.



    2. Plot twist: after Connor wraps up his valedictorian speech, Dave and Weasley will join him on stage for The Three Tenners’ swan song. :-P



      1. Man I miss those guys. I’m glad Clare is going. But I’m only here cus its epic. Caint wait to see the people dog Zoe. Zig is ma man! Caint wait for the kiss. Hope its a goodbye kiss. Cus she ain’t going

        Free. I came here for some epicness. Juvie or jail I don’t care. Go somewhere, but she Caint stay in school. But I hope they hold off for the scandal for a while. & Mr H is a Mitch! Miles shouldaaid his

        Ass out. But I wanna see Lola’s parents. She’s the Canada version of Jake from 2 & A Half Men.


      2. That would be awesome!

        People are always talking about how much they miss Dave, but for me it’s all about Wesley. He was possibly the most likeable character in the show’s history.


  2. courtney mattox July 12, 2015 at 12:03 am

    can we somehow have a patetion to keep degrassi



    1. no need. Netflix picked it up in America and it’s going to be on The Family Channel or something in Canada.



      1. Sucks… But think of it this way: if the DN stuff ends there’s no need to see every episode. I’m tired of wondering what’s going on. I need other less stressful stuff to watch. So after the finale if she goes to “somewhere”

        I’m kinda done with the show. Her role should be tiny afterwards. But I wanna see Esme in action. She sounds like Cal from SHIELD:)


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