TeenNick continues to celebrate the end of Degrassi’s run on the network with a video set to One Republic’s “I Lived.”

The video uses footage from their special shoot a few weeks ago.  We’ll see more from former Degrassi cast members during the special that’ll airing on July 31st, but for now you can check out stills below.

Posted by Kary


  1. I am so happy to have been with this show since the beginning. Seeing everyone from past seasons is amazing. I can’t wait until next week and then Netflix 2016. I just hope the real series finale ends everything in the best way possible.



  2. Not gonna lie, I probably sound really ungrateful, but I’m bummed that more of the original TNG characters weren’t a part of this. Even a few Degrassi Junior High/Degrassi High characters would have been cool to see.

    I wonder if certain TNG originals couldn’t make it or if they weren’t even asked to participate?

    That video was awesome, though. I got the feels.



    1. I know where is Nina, drake, Ryan, Cassie or anyone from season 8-10? Even anyone from the 80s would have been cool. One day we will get a full degrassi reunion.



      1. I wasn’t expecting Drake or Nina, but I wanted to see Cassie (her absence is really surprising), Sarah B., Jake G., Melissa, Ryan, Mike, Deanna, Daniel C., etc. Shenae probably isn’t too busy. Even Ephraim Ellis would be great. The actor who played Cam seems like an odd choice, since he was only around for one season.

        I have to admit, I’m LOLing at the people who are all “BUT WHAT ABOUT NINA!” since her character was so unpopular.


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