Yeah, yeah, I know everybody except for myself and maybe two other people didn’t hate every aspect of season 13.  Regardless, I’m a big fan of watching reruns because of how rarely they happen during normal hours.

TeenNick is currently airing an hour of season 13 episodes every night at 11pm EST.  As of now they’re nearing the end of 13C.  Here’s this week’s broadcast schedule:

Monday 6/22
11pm: Army of Me
11:30pm: Everything Is Everything

Tuesday 6/23
11pm: Sparks Will Fly Pt. 1 & 2

Wednesday 6/24
11pm: You Are Not Alone
11:30pm: Enjoy The Silence

Thursday 6/25
11pm: How Bizarre
11:30pm: My Hero

Friday 6/26
11pm: Hypnotize
11:30pm: Out Of My Head

Saturday 6/27
11pm: Believe Parts 1 & 2

Sunday 6/28
11pm: Thunderstruck Parts 1 & 2

Posted by Kary


  1. When will they move Degrassi TNG to Netflix for streaming users?



    1. They said they will eventually, but it’ll be sometime after season 15 is released.



  2. I wasn’t a fan of Paris, but I loved the rest of the season. I don’t have TeenNick anymore so I’ll be missing it, but that’s what YouTube is for :-)



    1. I agree! I got kinda stuck in 13A, but I thought it really picked up after that.



  3. Have they aired 14B yet or not? I can’t find anything online about it being aired… wasn’t it supposed to start this week??



    1. Nope, we still have a month to go! It starts July 20th



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