It looks like Clare will be sporting a new hairdo in season 13, with pics of Aislinn’s new hairstyle being posted today:


I believe the last time Clare had a drastic hairstyle change was season 10 (short hair after having long hair for two seasons).  Below are photos via Aislinn’s tumblr:

19 thoughts

  1. Hey Kary do you think since we know the class of 2013 so well and a majority of all of them has development that season 13 will be their whole senior year or do you think they’ll do what they did with Holly J class and keep them for a season a half for Clairs class?


  2. Clare is the result of what me and my friend call ‘Tha Emma Treatment’; Ugly as hell as a teen,grew up to be beautiful as ever


  3. its a cute hairstyle, but i don’t think her face shape can putt if off. The only way she can work it, is if she has dramatic makeup to go with it, not her usual “natural” look Clare usually wears. They should have done this with Katie, instead of the black, fringe hairstyle. It would have worked with her face better.


  4. Am I the only one that’s thinking she may pull a bad-girl character this year? Not jumping the gun, but it can be one prediction though


    1. i can kind of see where you’re going with this.. so yeah i agree!!! this may be a sign of rebellion? i hope they do take her character through that route. Clare has been so annoying since season 11.


  5. Am I the only one that LOVES this hair cut for Clare? There aren’t enough girls on Degrasssi with short hair, and I really love this style for her! It has attitude. :3


  6. I thought clare and Alli were seniors in season 12, but they didn’t graduate, so were they juniors and are they graduating next year?


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