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VIDEO: “The Last Supper” With The Seniors

[10/7/15] Degrassi uploaded video of season 14’s seniors during their last lunch on set.

Stephen Stohn To Host Media Q&A October 14th

[10/7/15] The Executive Producer of Degrassi will host a Q&A during the event, Careers In Media: The Next Generation, on Wednesday, October 14th at Trent University’s Lady Eaton College.

Eleanor Shore To Perform At Linsmore Tavern October 13th

[10/5/15] The group, featuring Degrassi’s Ehren Kassam and Eric Osborne, will perform as part of Linsmore Tavern’s “Steam Whistle Indie Night.” The show is free of charge and begins at 8pm.

Stephen Stohn Named Alumni-In-Residence At Trent University

[10/5/15] The Stohn returns to his alma mater this fall to participate in seminars and workshops with current students.

Morpheus Richards To Perform Live October 11th

[10/5/15] Actor Richard Walters, who plays Tiny on Degrassi, will be performing live at the Landmark Events Showcase Festival in Toronto.

#MyFavPlaceToCry (VIDEO)

[10/2/15] Degrassi loves to watch fangirls cry, but they’re not the only ones shedding tears! Listen to where the cast loves to have a good cry.

CBC Releases Degrassi Cast Interview From 1990

[10/2/15] With Degrassi in the midst of a transition to a new series (Next Class), CBC released an interview from 25 years ago where some of the Degrassi High cast talked about their characters and […]

Stefan Posts Next Class “Sneak Peek”

[10/1/15] Post production continues on season 1 of Degrassi: Next Class as Director Stefan Brogren posts a picture from a mix session.

Talk Nerdy With Us Interviews Ana Golja

[10/1/15] In her latest interview, Ana Golja talks about her movies “Full Out,” “Dumb Luck” and her thoughts on Degrassi: Next Class.

BuzzFeed Quiz: What’s Your Degrassi Drama?

[10/1/15] 2015 is the year of Degrassi quizzes on BuzzFeed.  Find out what drama you’d face by taking the quiz here!