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Degrassi: The Next Generation’s Underrated Episodes, Birthday Edition

Today is my birthday. I might be turning the ripe, young age of 33, but in Degrassiland I’m only a few fist shakes on my front porch away from being shipped off to that nursing […]

VIDEO: Degrassi Recreates Marco’s Iconic Coming Out Scene

It’s one of the most-memorable moments of Degrassi: The Next Generation. In the season 3 episode Pride, Part 1 ended with an emotionally-charged cliffhanger as Marco finally came out to Spinner. That was in 2003. […]

Degrassi’s Reunion Show Is Trending As The New Season Hits Netflix July 22

This morning I woke up to Degrassi trending on Facebook. You know something in Degrassiland is big when that happens. The last time Degrassi was trending that high on Facebook was when the show was briefly […]

Watch The #DegrassiReunion Teaser For Degrassi’s 500th Episode

With Degrassi: Next Class Season 2 right around the corner, Degrassi created a reunion promo featuring the Degrassi: TNG cast members returning for the 500th episode. Can’t see the video? Watch it here. Netflix users […]

Degrassi: Next Class Season 2 Premieres July 19 On Family Channel In Canada

The countdown to the #SummerOfDegrassi has begun in Canada. F2N, Family Channel’s teen block, announced that Degrassi: Next Class Season 2 will premiere on Family Channel on Tuesday, July 19 at 9:45pm ET. Did you […]

Degrassi Co-Creator Linda Schuyler Awarded Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa at University of Toronto

Degrassi has received many awards over the past few decades, and so has co-creator Linda Schuyler. She’s more than just the co-creator of this series; her involvement in Canadian media since long before many of us were […]

Degrassi: The Next Generation Season 2 Now Available On Youtube

If you’ve been wondering why Degrassi: The Next Generation isn’t on Netflix, it’s because DHX Media has other plans. In October of 2015 we learned that DHX had uploaded Season 1 of Degrassi: The Next […]