Over the years, 99% of all the Degrassi quizzes I’ve taken have been pointlessly easy.

Yesterday, BuzzFeed created a quiz that now has me questioning my place in the universe.


It’s pretty simple…all you have to do is correctly guess which screenshot the episode came from. I got a 12 out of 15.

It’s a pretty impressive task if you can remember a lot of details from a show that’s been around for 15 seasons, and this quiz exposed the gaps in how I go about memorizing things that have happened on Degrassi.

If you haven’t taken the quiz, you can do so here. Be warned, I’ll be revealing some of the answers below as I looked at how this quiz tripped me up.


A majority of the questions were pretty easy. But then I rolled up onto this question and things went downhill from there:


I actually remember this moment, because there’s no way to forget a plot that involves a sticker book. However, I didn’t remember which episode it happened in. I was able to instantly rule out “We Got The Beat” and “Jessie’s Girl,” so it either happened early in the season or in the middle. I guessed wrong. I think of season 7 as the “Darcy Season,” because her rape storyline is my favorite arc of the entire series. Outside of that arc, “Death Or Glory” and Got My Mind Set On You,” I couldn’t tell you exactly where a lot of the things in season 7 happened.

But here’s an instance where I guessed right:


I had no earthly idea when this moment happened. Again, I was able to rule out two of the episodes (“Touch Of Grey” and “Heart Of Glass”). Season 8 is similar to season 7 in terms of me remembering storylines, but not remembering which episode all of them happened in. All I know is Uptown Girl happened, Touch of Grey was the first episode I ever reviewed, Heart of Glass is one of my favorite episodes ever, and everything else (things like Clare and the vibrator, Jane on the football team, Spinner getting shot and Riley struggling with his sexuality) happened somewhere in between. Also, for some reason I don’t think of Degrassi Goes Hollywood as even a part of season 8.


I’m now on the hit list of Beckdam fans everywhere, because I forgot when this kiss happened. I do remember specific episode titles in this season, but in general I recall season 12 by thinking of it in three blocks: “Bite Your Tongue,” the “Adam Block,” and the “Cam Block.” Besides the fact Adam had a lot of screentime in 12B, I couldn’t really give you a specific timeline of what happened when during that block without having to research it. It’s crazy how little I can remember about 12B beyond Adam’s cucumber in the pants, but the events of 12A and 12C are practically burned into my memory.


This was a straight up mental flub. Again, I know the plots that occurred in 14B, but I don’t think I even bothered trying to remember the 14B episode titles.

What I’m getting at is my mentality in regards to episode titles has evolved over my nearly 12 years of watching Degrassi. I remember an overwhelming majority of the storylines, but instead of remembering them all by specific episodes, a lot of them I remember by season or block.

During the first few years of watching this show I could’ve effortlessly rattled off every episode title and a detailed description of every plot and subplot. Now there’s just too many damn episodes. Sure, I remember that one time Clare got caught up with a couple of weed dealers in season 11, but there’s no way I’m remembering it happened during the 37th episode, Not Ready To Make Nice Part 2.

The weird thing is that at no point during my life have I ever payed attention to or even cared about the episode titles of any other TV show besides Degrassi. In the case of this show they’re fun and unique, especially the new wave of hashtag titles. I remember way more of the episode titles from the earlier years (seasons 1-5) than I do a season like 13 or 14. For me, the further along the seasonal timeline we go, the less crucial the episode titles have become in regards to how I go about remembering Degrassi.

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  1. I got 12/15. That’s because I’ve seen every episode at least 6 times (besides Next Class which I’ve seen twice) but I don’t pay much attention to the titles. I remember a few specifically like Bittersweet Symphony when Cam dies and My Body is a Cage about Adam being trans but besides that I just don’t care that much.



  2. I got 13/15. I made the same mistake as you on the Mia/Sav one. I initially thought it was from “Hungry Eyes”, but then I doubted myself and went for “It’s Tricky”. I didn’t realize that Mia’s interest in Sav lasted until episode 9. I felt as though he and Anya were already a thing by then.

    I also goofed up on the prom proposal one. I have trouble keeping track of episodes from the more recent seasons because of the sheer number of episodes they contain, not to mention the fact that they have A, B, AND C plots. The plots and episodes names all kinda tend to bleed together for me.



  3. tessacampanelli March 2, 2016 at 9:25 pm

    “You got 15 out of 15 right!
    You did better than 100% of those who took this quiz!
    Whatever it took, you made it through.”

    Not going to lie… I did not answer these confidently. It must be my lucky night lol.



  4. You got 9 out of 15 right! Oh well lol I haven’t seen too many of the older episodes so I did OK :)



  5. I got 15/15 it got a little hard during 12-13 with the episode names lol but I made it.



  6. The choice of screenshot from Season 7 was pretty bizarre, but I assume they wanted a token Nina Dobrev image. I’m surprised by the lack of Jimmy, though.



  7. I got 15 out of 15 & didn’t appreciate them calling me “Queen” lol. I absolutely had to skip the first one, but when I came back to it, I got it right. My problem with Season 1 is that there’s no way I realistically remember a random screenshot within the episode and thought I might be getting tricked, but I did remember “Coming of Age” was the Emma plot.

    Besides When Doves Cry, I actually had to think about some of the Part 1 / Part 2 questions. “Hungry Eyes” was easy to me because I remembered they were playing Badminton because of Purple Dragon & that’s the episode where Emma flashes the school lol. And the only reason I remembered the Grace screenshot was because I remembered that it was the second episode of the season. Otherwise, I would’ve been doomed lol. All in all though, I couldn’t name episodes with accuracy the way I could with the early seasons to save my life lol.



  8. When the screenshot is from the main plot, usually the ep title matches the screenshot well enough. I ran into trouble in the early seasons because it has been a long time since I’ve seen them. And using two parter titles undoes the advantage of going in thinking about what plot the scene could be part of (which is how I could get ‘random Emma in bathroom’ is ‘Emma gets her period’ and ‘random Riley working out’ is ‘Riley on Steroids.’)

    The only ones I could answer confidently were Season 9 on (except I flubbed on Finally part 1 and Part 2 because STOP LISTING BOTH PARTS OF AN EP). And the only one where I wasn’t using logic to narrow it down was Innocent when you Dream because that is still my favorite episode of all time.

    …Okay, Adam putting on an ace bandage was also one where I instantly knew the title and the scene and the ep because I wrote an essay on that way back when.



  9. I’m good with episode titles from seasons 1-12 but I couldn’t tell you them from 13-15. The only one I had to really think hard about though was the Grace one.



  10. 14/15. I remember more of who the episode was based on. Like Hungry Eyes was Emma, but also Purple Dragon. For the Beckdam kiss, I remember Building a Mystery was about Becky and Doll Parts was Maya. I got the Zoe one wrong. I picked the episode before that. In my defense, it’s hard to remember season 13 without a dvd lol



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