This list ended up being easier to put together than I thought…I’m guessing that’s because I’ve had my favorites for TNG seasons 1-9 for so long. However, Seasons 10 through Next Class Season 3 were kinda difficult.

The task was to pick my¬†favorite episode from each of the 17 seasons of the current Degrassi. I don’t get to watch a lot of Degrassi for fun nowadays, so it was definitely a blast from the past browsing through well over a decade’s worth of episodes.

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.


Posted by Kary


  1. Interesting choices kary! I was just wondering if you are going to do a march madness this year. It was really fun when we did it a few years ago… maybe you can do least fav couples this time or fav actor. would be interesting to do fav character since there are so many new ones…wonder if cam would win again since he’s been gone a while? Could be a lot of fun even if there’s no prizes….



  2. Let’s see season one when Friday Night, season two when it’s international day and Hazel over reacts when she pretends to be from Jamaica, season three when Craig first cheats on Ashley with Manny, season four Time stands still, season five when Spinner first meets Darcy, season six when Darcy get’s stocked by an online predator, season seven when Snake get’s accused of touching Darcy, season eight when Jane finally get’s the football team to come around when she takes a stand against Principal Shep, season 9 when Emma comes home and breaks up with Kelly, season 10 when Fiona comes out to Holly J, season 11 when Drew thinks everything is over with Vince and Vince sarcastically say’s yeah it’s over, season 12 when Zig let’s Tori meet his mother, season 13 when Zig and his mom have a reunion at Maya’s, season 14 when Zig finds out that he probably won’t go to jail, season 1 of Next Class when Zig is insecure about Maya going to New York with Jonah and cheats on Maya with Zoe, season 2 when Peter returns to Degrassi to meet Maya and season 3 is when Zoe and Raasha finally kiss!



  3. Hey Kary (and other readers), with it having been revealed that the current seniors (Miles, Zig, Maya, etc.) will graduate after season 4 ends (i.e., this coming summer), I just wanted to discuss with you guys about the fate of Matlingsworth and a little bit about Maya.

    The relationship of Maya and Miles was given a lot of screentime in season 13, and they were built and hyped up to be the new Eclare of this generation. This arc carried out into the first half of season 14, but as many may have noticed, interactions between Miles and Maya have been close to zero from that point onwards. I know Next Class is catered to a new group of audience who hadn’t seen previous seasons, but did the writers just blackhole this relationship and their history together? I had always assumed that Matlingsworth would be end-game (that is when both characters left the show), however at this point it isn’t looking likely. The way things are moving, it’s looking like come graduation – Triles and Zaya will be endgame. If such turns out to be the case, I just think that it’s a big shame and a missed opportunity in not having Matlingsworth be the end-game.

    Related to this, if Maya does graduate with her current class this summer, I can’t help but think that there was a few critical missed opportunities with this character – mainly regarding her past with Cam. Cam was Maya’s first love and his death had severely impacted her character, affecting and influencing her actions/decisions over multiple seasons after season 12. I had always thought that in one of the past seasons (13,14,NC1,2,3), that she would open up about Cam to someone, particularly Miles, when they were together, which would have been a powerful moment and would no doubt have brought them 10 times closer to one another. But that never happened, and now I guess he, nor any of her friends, will ever know. With Maya having attempted to OD herself, it would also have been a great opportunity to bring in Dylan Everett, to reprise his role as Cam, in a dream sequence or something.

    Sorry if this seemed like a rant, but I just wanted to express these thoughts of mine, especially since the current cast will be leaving soon. Thoughts?



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