With Season 4 of Next Class wrapped up, the big question now is what’s to come for Degrassi as a franchise?

The graduation of half of Degrassi’s 20-person cast makes this a major transition point for a show that has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. While only one site reported Degrassi: Next Class was renewed for Seasons 5 and 6, the fanbase has become concerned because 1) there’s been no official acknowledgement of renewal by DHX Media or the press, and 2) the show currently isn’t filming new episodes like they normally do during the summer.

As I said in the above video, if Netflix decided not to renew Degrassi that doesn’t automatically mean the show is dead in the water. Degrassi has the lives of 10 cats combined, and would assuredly seek a new broadcast partner. The major concern is what will be a definite lack of information during this period and the high probability of there being no new episodes coming in January 2018.

While Degrassi made a major push into developing and unifying Degrassi’s online community, especially from 2010-2013, the only downside to the jump to Netflix has been the fact fandom now turns into a desert wasteland for months at a time. And with Degrassi’s future up in the air, it’s uneasy thinking the show’s historically hardcore fanbase could be disengaged with the Degrassi brand for upwards of a year or possibly more.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this story as it develops over the coming months!

Posted by Kary

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  1. Hey Kary, I wasn’t sure if you noticed this or not, but I recently re-watched Bitter Sweet Symphony and I noticed that Maya wears the guitar ring in both episodes! The same ring she gives Grace as a gift before she attempts suicide in Next Class season 3. Just thought that was a really cool detail that makes that act by Maya more meaningful.



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