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There’s been questions from fans wondering if Rasha and Saad are graduating at the end of Season 4…while we saw Rasha taking senior courses in Season 3, Degrassi writer Ian MacIntyre confirmed neither are leaving anytime soon:

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  1. do you think Esme graducate in season 4 because at I watch season 4 and I don’t really know the outcome of her charater.But she has amazing grades and she got into to univsteiry’s but her mental health is bad so she could do grade 12 again.Umm but I she is staying for one for year[She even bought Zig a mottocyle at grad because she pushed him in the woods at prom that lead Zig to get cruthles] and Esme is a b++++ a for doing some trebbile stuff this season and Tiny without knowing helped her with her the jealous idea,[she even made jocks about susdice saying a bouncy castle is there trigger]She’s sick she aslo got naked for Saad when she had to patrtner up with him for an art assignment because Zig wanted to be there for Maya.She a sick multitped person who I can’t wait to see her story fold out in season 5 and 6.She even did the bomb treat at bomb to get back together with Zig because Zig broke up with her on the camping trip for faking breathing and te other horrible things she did



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