We finally have our first official press announcement regarding Season 4! TV, Eh posted a release confirming several things:

  • Canadian fans will be able to binge-watch all of Season 4 before everyone
  • Season 4’s overall theme revolves around mental health. Via the press release, “Still reeling from the reality of Maya’s accident, Degrassi Community School is carefully monitoring everyone’s mental health and ensuring that all students have someone to talk to.
  • The seniors are graduating

Can’t see the video? Watch it here.

Not only will Canada premiere Next Class before everyone else, Family Channel subscribers will be able to binge the entire season over the holiday weekend…Family announced all 10 episodes of Season 4 will be available on the Family Channel App starting Friday, June 30. Family Channel will then broadcast a new episode every weekday starting Monday, July 3 at 10pm.

We also have promo pics from several of the episodes in Season 4:

While we also know the Netflix worldwide premiere is on Friday, July 7th, neither Netflix nor Degrassi have officially announced it yet.

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  1. Degrassi next class season 4 premiers on my birthday :)



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