Degrassi DVD Review: Season 10 Part 2

This isn’t really much of a “review,” it’s just random thoughts on the boxset and lack of extra content Degrassians receive in general nowadays.  There used to be a time when I was excited to […]

The “It’s Kary’s Birthday, So Give Him Degrassi-Related Presents” Post

– Bow down to me, for it’s my birthday! I’m 28, which means I’m way too old to be watching Degrassi (even though I’ve been watching it for the past seven years). But I’ve already […]

Degrassi Now or Never: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

So after watching Now or Never I’ve realized something…why are we still intent on comparing this Degrassi to Degrassi: The Next Generation so much? I’m not sure why this didn’t click in my head in Season […]

Degrassi News 9-13-11 (Episode Titles 1134-1137)

It’s still a wasteland of unimportant Degrassi news, but Stephen Stohn announced that episode 1130/1131 (Bleeding Love) was changed to “Nowhere To Run.”!/stephenstohn/status/113627687897149440!/stephenstohn/status/113630978563522562 I wouldn’t expect this special to air before late October. There’s […]

Degrassi At The Emmys

Degrassi was at the Emmys this weekend…this was a ceremony for the Emmy cagetories that will NOT be featured/announced during the actual Emmy broadcast.  They were nominated for Oustanding Children’s Program, but lost.  But that […]

Degrassi News 9-7-11

The broadcast for this year’s Gemini Awards is tonight.  The actual ceremony was last week. Degrassi won for Best Children’s or Youth Fiction Program or Series.  Pat Williams won best director for All Falls Down Pt. […]

Degrassi Extra Episode 1129 (Dead And Gone Pt. 2)

To download, CLICK HERE (right click, “save target as”) Degrassi Extra recap for Dead And Gone Pt. 2 What We Learned From This Episode *Eli has developed the skills required to be a lifelong server […]