It had been a while since I’d checked out the Official Degrassi Store (and by a while I mean YEARS), and I was pleased today to see they’ve FINALLY added a Degrassi tee (for guys) worth wearing!!

Of course it’s for both guys and girls, I meant the tees they have excusively for girls (Spirit Squad and Old School Degrassi tee) are much cooler than the unisex ones.  The Degrassi Signature tee is lame, and as much as I love J.T., his t-shirt is lame because I could make that myself and it look just as good. 

I love how they went back to the old school Degrassi Panther logo.  I’m sure I’ll get around to ordering one of these soon, and I’m prepared for all the ridicule I’ll receive (I’m 25 btw).  If you’ve got a neat idea for a tee that isn’t in their store, sometime down the road I’ll show you how you can easily make your own Degrassi tee at home.

Posted by Kary

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