Today Stefan Brogren (aka Archie “Snake” Simpson) wrapped up his first day of directing the Season 9 episode “Beat It” (907/908).  This is his first time directing a STANDARD episode of Degrassi (aka one that’s not packaged as a special episode).  He’s directed both Halloween specials, Degrassi of the Dead and Curse of Degrassi.  He also directed the upcoming Degrassi Goes Hollywood movie, which is the main reason I’m looking forward to watching it. 

If you didn’t know, Stefan is also the guy responsible for producing the Degrassi minis over the past few years.  Those have been great to watch, so I’m already stoked to see what he’s going to bring to Season 9.

Posted by Kary

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  1. I think he actually deserves to be director imo. He will perform fine



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