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Degrassi Episode Review: Beat It

[WARNING: THIS EPISODE REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS] Beat It was the most anticipated episode of the season for me.  First off, its main plot is about Riley’s sexuality, a storyline with amazing potential that was randomly dropped […]

Degrassi Promo Pics: Beat It

So the Anya pics…ummmmmmmmmm, yeah. Anyone wanna take a guess as to what she’s doing? TeenNick’s episode summary says she lies to Sav about taking self defense classes after school…it looks like she’s actually part […]

Updated Season 9 Episode Titles [7-3-09]

Degrassi has wrapped shooting for episodes 907/908 (directed by the AWESOME Stefan Brogren)!! The Exec said shooting for 909 and 910 will begin today, and revealed the episode titles for those two episodes: 901 – […]


The Exec updated his twitter today with the episode titles for 911 and 912, making it the third two-part episode of Season 9 (so far): 901 – Just Can’t Get Enough Part 1 902 – […]

Snake Snags the Director’s Chair

Today Stefan Brogren (aka Archie “Snake” Simpson) wrapped up his first day of directing the Season 9 episode “Beat It” (907/908).  This is his first time directing a STANDARD episode of Degrassi (aka one that’s not […]