So the awesome thing about wordpress is when people find your blog, it tells you what search terms they used to find it.  I’m not sure if many of the people found the answers they’re looking for, so I’ll try and answer some of the searches here.

**Is mia leaving degrassi?
Yes, she’s going to leave at some point during season 9 because she got a starring role in the show “Vampire Diaries,” which is coming to the CW this fall.

**Degrassi schedule
Whether you’re watching Degrassi in Canada or the U.S., it’s been on hiatus for what seems like a lifetime.  Canada has already finished showing all of season 8 except Paradise City (aka the “Degrassi Goes Hollywood” movie).  That’ll air on CTV on Sunday, August 30.

The-N is going to finish up the rest of Season 8 beginning Friday, July 3.  Hopefully they’ll air the Degrassi movie in late August or early September.

**degrassi paradise city zshare
Sorry, but you’re not going to find a copy of Paradise City anywhere because it hasn’t aired yet.  We’ve still got a couple more months to go!

**degrassi gunpoint songs from trailer
Hmm, I wasn’t sure what this meant, but I haven’t been able to find a trailer about the episode “Gunpoint” that has music in it.  “Gunpoint” is the episode where Spinner and Holly J are held hostage at The Dot.  

SIDE RANT: This episode is originally titled “Danger Zone” in Canada, but The-N felt the need to change it to “Gunpoint.”  That annoys me because you’re only going to confuse the hell out of people when the DVD comes out.

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