Nina Dobrev (Mia) is leaving Degrassi because she nabbed the lead role in the new CW show “Vampire Diaries.” Now it’s just a matter of knowing WHEN she’ll be leaving.

Since there haven’t been very many details and no SPOILERS released about Season 9, no one knows yet when Mia will officially fade into Degrassi oblivion (Chester and Fareeza will have a new playmate!!).  If you’re like me I assume it’ll be very early in the season. 

Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley star in "Vampire Diaries."

Degrassi’s had a run over the past few seasons of actresses leaving the show within the first few episodes: Deanna Casaluce (Alex) left after only three episodes in Season 7.  Shenae Grimes (Darcy) left after four episodes in Season 8.


Exec. Producer Stephen Stohn has confirmed that the Season 9 premiere “Just Can’t Get Enough” will feature Mia and Peter, so I figure it’ll either be her final episode or (the more likely scenario) the setup for her goodbye.

Either way, they’d better not give Mia a crappy sendoff like they did Darcy…aka she’d better not magically land some massive modeling contract in Italy or something.  Sure, there have been plenty of times when Mia’s deserved to be punched in the face (mainly for her inability to act like a responsible teen mom), but I can’t stand when a main character’s departure is either contrived or anticlimactic.

Posted by Kary


  1. Lol. You were right on the money “she’d better not magically land some massive modeling contract in Italy or something.” France is close enough.



  2. I agree with the send off thing even though i have already seen the episode like a tri-billion times before. But its interesting how you didn’t want that kind of send off and then that just happens. Weird



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